European Othello Championship

European Othello Championship history


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2022 Rome, Italy Alessandro Di Mattei  Italy.png Matthias Berg  germany.png Takuji Kashiwabara France.png Michele Borassi Italy.png
2023 Helsinki, Finland Michele Borassi  switzerland.png Tomoki Otaka 900px-Flag_of_Austria.svg.png Göran Andersson  sweden.png Oskar Eklund sweden.png

The first official WOF-sanctioned European Othello Championship took place in Rome on the first weekend of July 2022. A total of 52 players representing 12 different nations took part in the inaugural event. Alessandro di Mattei of Italy defeated Matthias Berg of Germany in the finals (2-1).

Prior to 2022 there were several Othello tournaments that were either called "European championship" or informally attributed the winner the title  of "European champion".


Since 1986 there is a tournament circuit known as the "European Grand Prix" (EGP) and until the inaugural EOC the winners of the EGP were referred to as "European champions". There is no relation however between the EGP,  a circuit of major European tournaments, and the EOC which is a single annual two-day tournament.

There were also Othello tournaments run by the Mind Sports Organisation at the Mind Sports Olympiads in London that were named "European championships" from the late 1990s to 2000s.