SUGAYA Akiyoshi (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 菅野明芳
9 tournaments
36 results
Player ID: 10390
Rated 612 in Japan and 722 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T876 in the World
Latest rating: 1713
2018-09-23: 18_Saitama_open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi60-04SUGAYA Akiyoshi
TAYAMA Tsubasa42-22SUGAYA Akiyoshi
ITO Kazuma38-26SUGAYA Akiyoshi
GOTO Yoshiaki48-16SUGAYA Akiyoshi
SUGAYA Akiyoshi43-21NAGATSUKA Ibuki
SUGAYA Akiyoshi46-18NOKAWA Shunsuke
2016-09-19: 16_Saitama_open(Japan)
WADA Masaki40-24SUGAYA Akiyoshi
SUGAYA Akiyoshi58-06MIZUMURA Kyou
YAMAMOTO Takashi38-26SUGAYA Akiyoshi
SUGAYA Akiyoshi33-31NAKAMURA Rintaro
SUGAYA Akiyoshi47-17NAKAMURA Chizuko
2015-09-21: 15_Saitama_open(Japan)
SUGAYA Akiyoshi42-22YANO Yoshihiro
HISHIYAMA Yuichi33-31SUGAYA Akiyoshi
SUGAYA Akiyoshi37-27URANO Kento
2012-11-25: 12_Saitama_open(Japan)
SUGAYA Akiyoshi47-17KAWASAKI Akito
2009-09-21: 9_Saitama_open(Japan)
ISHIKAWA Akira51-13SUGAYA Akiyoshi
SUGAYA Akiyoshi41-23TOKI Yugo
SUZUKI Yuta41-23SUGAYA Akiyoshi
SUGAYA Akiyoshi41-23KURAMOCHI Yuta
OHNO Atsuko33-31SUGAYA Akiyoshi
2008-09-14: 8_Saitama_open(Japan)
SUGAYA Akiyoshi43-21SAITO Riki
TANAKA Atsushi45-19SUGAYA Akiyoshi
WATANABE Hideaki46-18SUGAYA Akiyoshi
2008-06-22: North Kanto Conference(Japan)
SUGAYA Akiyoshiwon againstGOTO Masahiro
TAKASE Humiyawon againstSUGAYA Akiyoshi
SUGAYA Akiyoshiwon againstTAKANO Satoshi
KURACHI Takayukiwon againstSUGAYA Akiyoshi
SUGAYA Akiyoshiwon againstYAMAMOTO Kunihiro
SATAKE Yosukewon againstSUGAYA Akiyoshi
1997-07-27: 25th All Japan(Japan)
UMEZAWA Yoshinoriwon againstSUGAYA Akiyoshi
SUGAYA Akiyoshiwon againstSAGA Tetsuo
SUGAYA Akiyoshiwon againstHASHIMOTO Yasuhiro
SUGAYA Akiyoshiwon againstEBISAWA Kei
1996-07-28: 24th All Japan(Japan)
KITAJIMA Hidekiwon againstSUGAYA Akiyoshi
FUJISAWA Shunsukewon againstSUGAYA Akiyoshi
OGURA Katsutoshiwon againstSUGAYA Akiyoshi