MURASE Tetsuko (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 村瀬てつ子
9 tournaments
49 results
Player ID: 11550
Rated 492 in Japan and 643 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 942 in the World
Latest rating: 773
2021-12-25: Tokai_year_end(Japan)
HASEGAWA Toshi51-13MURASE Tetsuko
KATOKO Isamu47-17MURASE Tetsuko
FUJIMOTO Masaki46-18MURASE Tetsuko
FURUYA Hiroyuki59-05MURASE Tetsuko
FUJIMOTO Kenta53-11MURASE Tetsuko
2014-09-14: 6_Silver_tournament(Japan)
TAKADA Ryuji37-27MURASE Tetsuko
MURASE Tetsuko41-23OTA Keiichi
MAEZIMA Tomiko45-19MURASE Tetsuko
MURASE Tetsuko43-21OKABE Michiaki
SUZUKI Sugaya42-22MURASE Tetsuko
NOGUCHI Kiyouko36-28MURASE Tetsuko
2013-05-06: 43_blue_sky_conference(Japan)
MUKAI Daisuke59-05MURASE Tetsuko
MURASE Tetsuko44-20OTA You
FUJITA Koichi51-13MURASE Tetsuko
TAKESHIMA Sakihiro56-08MURASE Tetsuko
SUZUKI Sugaya43-21MURASE Tetsuko
YAMADA Ryoma49-15MURASE Tetsuko
2011-09-18: 3_period_Shiruha_conf(Japan)
SUGIYAMA Akemi56-08MURASE Tetsuko
SUZUKI Toyoharu60-04MURASE Tetsuko
OKABE Michiaki47-17MURASE Tetsuko
NAKANO Kenichi35-29MURASE Tetsuko
2011-05-01: 41 blue sky conference(Japan)
KOBAYASHI Manabu59-05MURASE Tetsuko
OTA Keiichi51-13MURASE Tetsuko
HASEGAWA Toshi56-08MURASE Tetsuko
IWAMOTO Yoshimi44-20MURASE Tetsuko
MURASE Tetsuko39-25OTA You
2011-01-09: Hamamatsu_open(Japan)
OZAKI Yoshito52-12MURASE Tetsuko
MURASE Tetsuko35-29SHIHO Kazuhiro
TANAKA Atsushi54-10MURASE Tetsuko
FUJITA Koichi57-07MURASE Tetsuko
MURASE Tetsuko45-19OKABE Michiaki
MURASE Tetsuko34-30GOTO Souta
2010-09-19: 2_Shiruha_conference(Japan)
SUZUKI Toyoharu48-16MURASE Tetsuko
OTA You46-18MURASE Tetsuko
AKIYAMA Sueo52-12MURASE Tetsuko
MURASE Tetsuko38-26TAMAIE Kazuko
MURASE Tetsuko44-20OKABE Michiaki
KANASASHI Morio47-17MURASE Tetsuko
2010-08-15: 72_Hamamatsu_meeting(Japan)
NAGAYA Toshiko49-15MURASE Tetsuko
HASEGAWA Toshi40-24MURASE Tetsuko
NOGUCHI Kiyouko42-22MURASE Tetsuko
OTA You39-25MURASE Tetsuko
SUZUKI Kisa35-29MURASE Tetsuko
2010-05-02: 40 blue sky conference(Japan)
HASEGAWA Toshi49-15MURASE Tetsuko
FUJITA Koichi58-06MURASE Tetsuko
SAKAKIBARA Takuma50-14MURASE Tetsuko
SATO Genji45-19MURASE Tetsuko
NOGUCHI Kiyouko40-24MURASE Tetsuko