IWASE Mutsumi (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 岩瀬むつみ
30 tournaments
182 results
Player ID: 12604
Rated T415 in Japan and T468 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T555 in the World
Latest rating: 1893
2019-03-23: 40_Meijin_women(Japan)
HAYAKAWA Mariwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstTAKEDA Kyoko
TODOKORO Taewon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstMIYATA Aibi
CHIANG Jou Chenwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstOKAMOTO Harumi
2018-03-18: 39_Meijin(Japan)
SUZUKI Yuutawon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstTOMI Kazuko
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstIZURA Daisei
NAGANO Yasushiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
NISHIMURA Harunawon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IMOTO Yutsukawon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstKOBAYASHI Kano
2018-03-17: 39_Meijin_women(Japan)
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstSUGAWARA Misa
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstNAGATSUKA Ibuki
SATO Reikowon againstIWASE Mutsumi
HAYASAKA Toshiewon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstSANO Yoko
TAKAHASHI Satomiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
2017-03-18: 38_Meijin_women(Japan)
YAMANAKA Mamiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstHAYASAKA Toshie
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstUMEZAWA Shiho
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstHAYAKAWA Mari
FUNATSU Asukawon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstTATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukiko
2016-11-19: 37_Inuyama_open_morning(Japan)
IWASE Mutsumi37-27MIURA Hideki
IWASE Mutsumi34-30TAKAHASHI Akihiro
FUKUDA Akihiro41-23IWASE Mutsumi
HASHIMOTO Yuya36-28IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi34-30ONO Hideki
TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki47-17IWASE Mutsumi
2016-09-04: 11_Ouza_sen(Japan)
KAMIKURA Daisuke55-09IWASE Mutsumi
SATANI Tetsu40-24IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi38-26HAYASAKA Toshie
YUUKI Kousei42-22IWASE Mutsumi
SAITO Aya33-31IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi42-22TAKEDA Kyoko
2016-06-19: 44_All_Japan_Chubu_prelim(Japan)
YAMANAKA Mami35-29IWASE Mutsumi
OKAMOTO Harumi42-22IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi49-15SATO Reiko
YAMANAKA Mami39-25IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi35-29OKAMOTO Harumi
SATO Reiko52-12IWASE Mutsumi
2016-03-20: 37_Meijin(Japan)
HAYASAKA Toshiewon againstIWASE Mutsumi
FUKUDA Akihirowon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstHASEGAWA Takeshi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstKASAI Yuta
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstGOTO Masahiro
SAITO Rikiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
FUNATSU Asukawon againstIWASE Mutsumi
2016-03-19: 37_Meijin_women(Japan)
NORIMITSU Ayumiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstHORIUCHI Keiko
HAYAKAWA Mariwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstOBAMA Satomi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstLEE Chunae
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstFUNATSU Asuka
2015-07-19: 43_All_Japan_championship_women(Japan)
YAMANAKA Mamiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstNISHIYAMA Momoko
SUGAWARA Misawon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstUMEZAWA Shiho
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstNAGAYA Toshiko
OHYANAGI Masakiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
2015-06-21: 43_All_Japan_Nagareyama_prelim(Japan)
SATO Reiko43-21IWASE Mutsumi
YAMANAKA Mami38-26IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi38-26OKAMOTO Harumi
SATO Reiko35-29IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi33-31YAMANAKA Mami
IWASE Mutsumi36-28OKAMOTO Harumi
2015-03-22: 36_Meijin(Japan)
TAMENORI Hideshiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
KIYONOBU Kentawon againstIWASE Mutsumi
OSATO Suguruwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
KAWARADA Seijiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstTOMINAGA Kenta
KOBAYASHI Manabuwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstUEDA Takashi
2015-03-21: 36_Meijin_women(Japan)
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstKOBAYASHI Ritsuko
OKAMOTO Harumiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
SAITO Ayawon againstIWASE Mutsumi
HORIUCHI Keikowon againstIWASE Mutsumi
MIYAOKA Yukiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstYAMANE Kei
2014-07-13: 42_All_Japan_championship_women(Japan)
KINOSHITA Hisakowon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstTOMI Kazuko
TODOKORO Taewon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstASANO Yoshiko
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstNISHIYAMA Momoko
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstNAKANISHI Hiromi
2014-06-15: 42_All_Japan_Chubu_prelim(Japan)
SATO Reiko36-28IWASE Mutsumi
OKAMOTO Harumi35-29IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi36-28YAMANAKA Mami
SATO Reiko36-28IWASE Mutsumi
OKAMOTO Harumi49-15IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi38-26YAMANAKA Mami
2014-04-06: 46_Nagoya_new_star_games(Japan)
IWASE Mutsumi47-16WAKAMORI Hiroya
FUJIOKA Ken33-31IWASE Mutsumi
TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki33-31IWASE Mutsumi
YAMANAKA Yukihiro41-23IWASE Mutsumi
HIGUCHI Atsutoshi38-26IWASE Mutsumi
KATO Teru33-31IWASE Mutsumi
2014-03-22: 35_Meijin_women(Japan)
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstKOBAYASHI Ritsuko
MIYAOKA Yukiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstSAITO Aya
NISHIYAMA Momokowon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstIETANI Akika
SATO Reikowon againstIWASE Mutsumi
2014-02-22: 25_Inuyama_open(Japan)
OHIKE Yoshinori44-20IWASE Mutsumi
MATSUMOTO Hiroyuki41-23IWASE Mutsumi
MIURA Hideki42-22IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi37-27MATSUSHITA Yumiko
IWASE Mutsumi48-16KATO Teru
WAKAMORI Hiroya38-26IWASE Mutsumi
2013-09-15: 44_Nagoya_new_star_games(Japan)
ARIMOTO Masa41-23IWASE Mutsumi
YAMADA Yutaka36-28IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi42-22TSUTOMU Ryoshi
IWASE Mutsumi37-27FUJIOKA Ken
YAMANAKA Yukihiro35-29IWASE Mutsumi
2013-07-14: 41_All_Japan_championship_women(Japan)
IDE Akikowon againstIWASE Mutsumi
SATO Reikowon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstTAKEDA Kyoko
SUGIYAMA Akemiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
KAWAMURA Toyotowon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstTOMI Kazuko
2013-06-16: 41_All_Japan_Chubu_prelim(Japan)
IWASE Mutsumi41-23INAGAKI Shinobu
IWASE Mutsumi43-21NAKAMURA Aya
IWASE Mutsumi51-13NAGAE Yuka
IWASE Mutsumi43-21OKAMOTO Harumi
2013-05-04: 21_Inuyama_open(Japan)
OHE Yoshimaru37-27IWASE Mutsumi
TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki41-23IWASE Mutsumi
FUJIOKA Ken38-26IWASE Mutsumi
MIYASATO Shiyoko34-29IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi34-30KATO Teru
IWASE Mutsumi36-28MIURA Hideki
IWASE Mutsumi41-23TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki
2013-03-30: 34_Meijin_women(Japan)
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstTANAKA Michiko
YAMANAKA Mamiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstSAITO Aya
HAYASAKA Toshiewon againstIWASE Mutsumi
TAKAHASHI Satomiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
MIYAKOSHI Oritawon againstIWASE Mutsumi
2013-02-16: 20_Inuyama_open(Japan)
IWASE Mutsumi33-31HAYASHI Taka
IWASE Mutsumi36-28HASHIMI Kazumi
IWASE Mutsumi36-28KIMURA Koichi
SAKA Hiroshi39-25IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi36-28MIYASATO Shiyoko
KANOU Eishi39-25IWASE Mutsumi
NAGAO Hiroto39-25IWASE Mutsumi
2012-12-23: 41_Nagoya_new_star_games(Japan)
IWASE Mutsumi33-31YAMADA Yutaka
MIURA Hideki39-25IWASE Mutsumi
HASHIMI Kazumi33-31IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi34-30KATO Teru
IWASE Mutsumi38-26OHE Terutoyo
OKUNO Masakazu33-31IWASE Mutsumi
2012-11-25: 5_Chukyo_open(Japan)
IWASE Mutsumi36-28MIURA Hideki
OKAMOTO Harumi40-24IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi48-16HASHIMI Kazumi
SUZUKI Kosuke40-24IWASE Mutsumi
KANOU Eishi58-06IWASE Mutsumi
YOSHIYUKI Suganuma55-09IWASE Mutsumi
2012-09-16: 40_Nagoya_new_star_games(Japan)
KAWAKAMI Takahashi34-30IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi33-31TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki
IWASE Mutsumi33-31KATO Teru
FUJIMOTO Maseru37-27IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi37-27OHE Terutoyo
IWASE Mutsumi44-20ONUMA Yuichi
2012-07-18: 40_All_Japan_champ_women(Japan)
NAGI Michikowon againstIWASE Mutsumi
MIURA Toshiewon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstMARUYAMA Satowa
NITTA Yoshikowon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstSHIBASAKI Lily
SUGIYAMA Akemiwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
2012-05-19: 39_Nagoya_new_star_games(Japan)
KATO Teru37-27IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi37-27WAKAMORI Hiroya
MIURA Hideki38-26IWASE Mutsumi
KASAI Miho33-31IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi37-27ISOBE Yutaka
TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki33-31IWASE Mutsumi
2012-05-04: 4_Nakagyo_open(Japan)
MIURA Hideki34-30IWASE Mutsumi
OHTAKE Kosuke44-20IWASE Mutsumi
ASANO Yuki39-25IWASE Mutsumi
KOIDE Satoshi48-16IWASE Mutsumi
IWASE Mutsumi44-20FUEOKA Sena
IWASE Mutsumi38-26KATO Teru