MAEDA Shougo (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 前田祥吾
3 tournaments
18 results
Player ID: 13313
Rated 469 in Japan and 570 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 793 in the World
Latest rating: 1340
2023-02-23: 2023_Shikoku_expert_games(Japan)
OKADA Junichi60-04MAEDA Shougo
MAEDA Shougo50-14KATO Mizuki
WATANABE Motohiro55-09MAEDA Shougo
MAREKAWA Kentaro45-19MAEDA Shougo
MAEDA Shougo37-27TOMINAGA Yasuharu
OKUDA Eishin46-18MAEDA Shougo
2015-01-11: 2015_Shikoku_expert_prelim_B(Japan)
FUJIWARA Toyoshima46-18MAEDA Shougo
MAEDA Shougo39-25SUGIYAMA Ryuki
TOYOTA Hiroshi48-16MAEDA Shougo
OGIWARA Masahiro48-16MAEDA Shougo
MASAMURA Sukeo38-26MAEDA Shougo
KAWAKAMI Yoshihiro48-16MAEDA Shougo
2014-12-28: Kagawa_open(Japan)
IWAMOTO Keiama42-22MAEDA Shougo
KAWAHARA Masa35-29MAEDA Shougo
MAEDA Shougo36-28AKIYAMA Chiaki
YOKOYAMA Naoki40-24MAEDA Shougo
MASAMURA Sukeowon againstMAEDA Shougo
SUGIYAMA Ryuki37-27MAEDA Shougo