MAREKAWA Kentaro (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 前川健太郎
3 tournaments
18 results
Player ID: 14656
Rated 616 in Japan and 754 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T990 in the World
Latest rating: 1219
2019-08-11: 7_Akashi_challenge_cup(Japan)
HARA Sousuke52-12MAREKAWA Kentaro
MAREKAWA Kentaro41-23SHIBATA Ryuoka
MAREKAWA Kentaro35-29SHIMAMOTO Takamitsu
KASAI Yoshiyuki37-27MAREKAWA Kentaro
MAREKAWA Kentaro45-19ONISHI Kumi
SHIMAMOTO Masanori35-29MAREKAWA Kentaro
2019-07-21: 20_Hiroshima_open(Japan)
MATSUI Takashi51-13MAREKAWA Kentaro
IMAMURA Kunihiko40-24MAREKAWA Kentaro
MAREKAWA Kentaro41-23TOMINAGA Yasuharu
MAREKAWA Kentaro34-30IGI Soutarou
SAKUSAI Yuusuke47-17MAREKAWA Kentaro
2018-08-12: 5_Akashi_challenge_cup(Japan)
MAREKAWA Kentaro35-29KATOKO Koko
TAKAHASHI Shigeteru53-11MAREKAWA Kentaro
NAGASHIMA Yoshitaka47-17MAREKAWA Kentaro
IWATA Maki50-14MAREKAWA Kentaro
MAREKAWA Kentaro46-18CHIBA Sentsu
MAREKAWA Kentaro52-12MASUDA Reimi