SAGAWA Tomoyuki (Japan)Japanese name(s): 瀬川智之
2 tournaments
13 results
Rated T413 in Japan and T489 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T590 in the World
Latest rating: 1836
2019-05-05: 1_Kyoto_challenge_cup(Japan)
SAGAWA Tomoyuki64-00SHIMAMURA Yoshisuke
SAGAWA Tomoyuki36-28KASAI Tetsutake
SAGAWA Tomoyuki37-27SATO Hiroki
SAGAWA Tomoyuki56-08INUGA Yuichirou
SAGAWA Tomoyuki47-17ARAI Daiki
KUDOU Keita48-16SAGAWA Tomoyuki
2018-08-05: 13_Kyoto_standings(Japan)
SAGAWA Tomoyuki47-17KASAI Yuta
ISHIBASHI Takuya50-14SAGAWA Tomoyuki
YAMAZAKI Midorikawa60-04SAGAWA Tomoyuki
SAKURATAKE Kazuaki35-29SAGAWA Tomoyuki
YAMAZAKI Takuya36-28SAGAWA Tomoyuki
SAGAWA Tomoyuki46-18HIRANO Tomo
SAGAWA Tomoyukiwon againstTOYOTA Atsushi