AOKI Daichi (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 青木大地
6 tournaments
37 results
Player ID: 15519
Rated T203 in Japan and T225 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T252 in the World
Latest rating: 2073
2023-03-19: 43_Meijin(Japan)
TAGUCHI Shinya35-29AOKI Daichi
TSUKAMOTO Kazuma36-28AOKI Daichi
AOKI Daichi40-24NAKAMURA Keiichiro
AOKI Daichi58-06NAGATSUKA Ibuki
AOKI Daichi33-31SANO Kaoru
AOKI Daichi41-23NORIMITSU Ayumi
GOTO Hiroshi45-19AOKI Daichi
2023-03-18: 43_Meijin_students(Japan)
KURAHASHI Satoshi45-19AOKI Daichi
AOKI Daichi45-19OHGA Nao
HORIUCHI Soutarou38-26AOKI Daichi
TOMITO Shouhei35-29AOKI Daichi
AOKI Daichi51-13TANAKA Chikako
AOKI Daichi38-26TSUCHIKANE Hiroshi
2022-10-23: 268_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
AOKI Daichi44-20OTANI Akimoto
AOKI Daichi34-30GOTO Hiroshi
KURAHASHI Satoshi41-23AOKI Daichi
AOKI Daichi38-26TSUCHIKANE Rinku
GOTO Akihiko46-18AOKI Daichi
AOKI Daichi43-21YOSHIDA Kenjirou
2022-07-10: 15_Ouza_sen(Japan)
TAYAMA Tsubasa37-27AOKI Daichi
AOKI Daichi56-08MIYAZAKI Toru
AOKI Daichi38-26HAGA Kazutoshi
KIYONOBU Kenta52-12AOKI Daichi
HISAHIRO Tatsutarou47-17AOKI Daichi
KUNIO Yukihiro43-21AOKI Daichi
2022-03-21: 42_Meijin(Japan)
NAGANO Yasushiwon againstAOKI Daichi
TAGUCHI Mika64-00AOKI Daichi
KAGAWA Yoichi64-00AOKI Daichi
AOKI Daichiwon againstSANO Joichiro
AOKI Daichiwon againstARAKI Yasuyuki
AOKI Daichi64-00UENO Tomohisa
AOKI Daichiwon againstFUJII Renya
2022-03-20: 42_Meijin_students(Japan)
NAKAMURA Rintaro35-29AOKI Daichi
AOKI Daichi43-21KATSUHISA Tomohiko
AOKI Daichi41-23OTANI Akimoto
ISHIDA Ren40-24AOKI Daichi
NAKAOKA Akinori44-20AOKI Daichi