TAN Meng Lin (Singapore)

6 tournaments
32 results
Player ID: 250187
Rated 30 in Singapore and T665 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T823 in the World
Latest rating: 1718
2021-11-07: Singapore Championship 2021(Singapore)
TAN Meng Lin14-50LOW Kang Sheng
LOW Kang Sheng39-25TAN Meng Lin
2020-11-29: Singapore National Othello Championship 2020(Singapore)
LIN Wei Hao Roy44-20TAN Meng Lin
LOW Kang Sheng40-24TAN Meng Lin
TAN Meng Lin30-34GOH Li Fan Shawn
2019-12-08: Singapore Master Series Div B(Singapore)
TAY YI An19-45TAN Meng Lin
TAN Meng Lin35-29WIRAWAN Daniel
TAN Meng Lin42-22DE LEO Maurizio
KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry23-41TAN Meng Lin
TAN Meng Lin22-42WU Jin Feng
GOH Li Fan Shawn44-20TAN Meng Lin
TAN Meng Lin45-19ONG Leonardo Ding Chao
2019-10-27: 26th Singapore Open(Singapore)
KHING Kenneth39-25TAN Meng Lin
TAN Meng Lin41-23NGIAM Zhen Wei
MUHAMMAD Abduh14-50TAN Meng Lin
TAN Meng Lin35-29GOH Li Fan Shawn
LEONG Chee Kit33-31TAN Meng Lin
TAN Meng Lin38-26GOH Jun Jie Anthony
KOH Bo Chao Alex53-11TAN Meng Lin
2018-10-28: 22nd Singapore Open 2018(Singapore)
TAN Meng Lin10-54SIA Cheng Yong
LEONG Chee Kit56-08TAN Meng Lin
GOH Li Fan Shawn46-18TAN Meng Lin
TAN Meng Lin43-21KER Ming Han
GOH Jun Jie Anthony43-21TAN Meng Lin
TAN Meng Lin16-48WIRAWAN Daniel
2018-03-25: 19th Singapore Open 2018(Singapore)
NGIAM Zhen Wei37-27TAN Meng Lin
TAN Meng Lin32-32HAMIJOYO Kevin
KWEK Jin Xiang45-19TAN Meng Lin
TAN Meng Lin24-40KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
TAN Meng Lin38-26WITA Claudia Aurina
NG Wei Jie46-18TAN Meng Lin
TAN Meng Lin35-29KHING Kenneth