Singapore Championship 2021 (Singapore)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

  250006, Leong, Chee Kit, SGP, 1
  250001, Koh, Bo Xiang, SGP, 2
  250005, Goh, Jun Jie Anthony, SGP, 3
  250283, Tay, Yi An, SGP, 4
  250003, Koh, Bo Chao Alex, SGP, 5-8
  250173, Low, Kang Sheng, SGP
  250174, Samuel, Henry Kurniawan, SGP
  250007, Wu, Jin Feng, SGP
  250203, Ho, Randall, SGP, 9-14
  250289, Koh, Jun Kai, SGP
  250191, Lim, Chan Way, SGP
  250190, Ong, Leonardo Ding Chao, SGP
  250187, Tan, Meng Lin, SGP
  250288, Tan, Ryan, SGP


Here are all results.

2021-11-07: Singapore Championship 2021(Singapore)
KOH Bo Xiang22-42TAN Ryan
TAN Ryan26-38KOH Bo Xiang
KOH Bo Xiang49-15TAN Ryan
TAN Meng Lin14-50LOW Kang Sheng
LOW Kang Sheng39-25TAN Meng Lin
TAY YI An25-39LIM Chan Way
LIM Chan Way29-35TAY YI An
TAY YI An35-29LIM Chan Way
HO Randall16-48KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry37-27HO Randall
KOH Jun Kai19-45LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit44-20KOH Jun Kai
GOH Jun Jie Anthony52-12ONG Leonardo Ding Chao
ONG Leonardo Ding Chao36-28GOH Jun Jie Anthony
GOH Jun Jie Anthony58-06ONG Leonardo Ding Chao
KOH Bo Xiang31-33LOW Kang Sheng
LOW Kang Sheng24-40KOH Bo Xiang
LOW Kang Sheng29-35KOH Bo Xiang
TAY YI An06-58KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry28-36TAY YI An
TAY YI An39-25KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
LEONG Chee Kit32-32WU Jin Feng
WU Jin Feng32-32LEONG Chee Kit
WU Jin Feng28-36LEONG Chee Kit
KOH Bo Chao Alex29-35GOH Jun Jie Anthony
GOH Jun Jie Anthony28-36KOH Bo Chao Alex
GOH Jun Jie Anthony34-30KOH Bo Chao Alex
KOH Bo Xiang42-22TAY YI An
TAY YI An08-56KOH Bo Xiang
GOH Jun Jie Anthony28-36LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit40-24GOH Jun Jie Anthony
TAY YI An25-39GOH Jun Jie Anthony
GOH Jun Jie Anthony55-09TAY YI An
KOH Bo Xiang23-41LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit34-30KOH Bo Xiang