FREITAS Alexandre (Brazil)

9 tournaments
46 results
Player ID: 290015
Rated 10 in Brazil and 43 in North&South America and T1291 in the World
Latest rating: 1342
WOF online rating: 1771, view profile on Vint.ee
2019-08-10: XIX Copa de Othello - Leitura(Brazil)
FREITAS Alexandre56-08PIO DE ARAUJO Victor
CORREIA JR. Moises41-23FREITAS Alexandre
FREITAS Alexandre49-15CORREIA Lucas Augusto P
FREITAS Alexandre11-53DE CAMARGO Lucas
RODRIGUES Poliana Yossie15-49FREITAS Alexandre
2018-12-09: XVI Copa de Othello - Indaiatuba(Brazil)
DE OLIVEIRA Edmilson46-18FREITAS Alexandre
FREITAS Alexandre51-13VALIM Sergio H
LU Hsiu Joan19-45FREITAS Alexandre
FREITAS Alexandre45-19SILVA Joao Victor S
TUBERO Jesualdo09-55FREITAS Alexandre
FREITAS Alexandre20-44DAIROKUNO Mitsuru
2018-10-27: XV Copa de Othello - Sao Carlos(Brazil)
OLIVEIRA Michele Machado17-47FREITAS Alexandre
FREITAS Alexandre56-08CORREIA Rafael Augusto P
SILVA Joao Victor S38-26FREITAS Alexandre
FREITAS Alexandre26-38TUBERO Jesualdo
RIBEIRO GLEBER Antonio18-46FREITAS Alexandre
2018-08-18: XIII Copa de Othello - Indaiatuba(Brazil)
FREITAS Alexandre42-22MUSSI Eduardo Gonzalez
DAIROKUNO Mitsuru29-35FREITAS Alexandre
FRITSCH Evans26-38FREITAS Alexandre
FREITAS Alexandre09-55SILVA Fabricio
2018-02-03: Cidade de Sao Paulo(Brazil)
FREITAS Alexandre01-63SILVA Fabricio
ALVES CLEITON Aparecido00-64FREITAS Alexandre
MACEDO Rheniter F14-50FREITAS Alexandre
FREITAS Alexandre42-22CORREIA JR. Moises
PINTO RICARDO Bradao42-22FREITAS Alexandre
FREITAS Alexandre29-35DAIROKUNO Mitsuru
2016-12-18: Ludus di Natale 2016(Brazil)
FREITAS Alexandre46-18CAVARSAN Carlos
PAIE CORREIA Vitor36-28FREITAS Alexandre
FREITAS Alexandre18-46SILVA Joao Victor S
DANILO Thimoteo32-32FREITAS Alexandre
FREITAS Alexandre53-11FRITSCH Evans
2016-11-06: Campeonato Brasileiro de Othello(Brazil)
FREITAS Alexandre39-25DE SOUZA Ian Felipe
NEVES Sofia03-61FREITAS Alexandre
FREITAS Alexandre53-11SARNADSKAYA Ekaterina I
TUBERO Jesualdo10-54FREITAS Alexandre
SILVA Fabricio54-10FREITAS Alexandre
2016-01-24: II Copa de Othello - Nova Odessa(Brazil)
KLAVA Lourdes Maria09-55FREITAS Alexandre
FREITAS Alexandre29-35TEIXEIRA Kauana Aguiar
FREITAS Alexandre34-30CORREIA JR. Moises
2015-11-28: I Copa de Othello - Nova Odessa(Brazil)
TUBERO Jesualdo10-54FREITAS Alexandre
FREITAS Alexandre23-41PAIE CORREIA Vitor
PIO DE ARAUJO Victor09-55FREITAS Alexandre
FREITAS Alexandre27-37MARTINS Joao Carlos
KLAVA Lourdes Maria18-46FREITAS Alexandre