KIM Seong-Hyeon (Korea)

4 tournaments
24 results
Player ID: 30470
Rated 14 in Korea and 633 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 949 in the World
Latest rating: 837
2024-05-15: 7th Myoungin(Korea)
KIM Jungsoo48-16KIM Seong-Hyeon
KIM Seong-Hyeon13-51KIM Youngbum
KIM Taeyeon55-09KIM Seong-Hyeon
KIM Seong-Hyeon48-16PARK Dae Won
JANG Hyunwoo55-09KIM Seong-Hyeon
KIM Seong-Hyeon24-40PARK Jonghyun
2023-08-12: 30th Korea championship(Korea)
KIM Seong-Hyeon09-55JUNG Taejoon
KWAK Yujin52-12KIM Seong-Hyeon
KIM Jungsoo49-15KIM Seong-Hyeon
KIM Seong-Hyeon20-44KWAK Eunwoo
CHO Yeonho28-36KIM Seong-Hyeon
2019-05-05: 28th Korea othello Championship(Korea)
KIM Jungsoo41-23KIM Seong-Hyeon
KIM Seong-Hyeon08-56SOHR Jaeyoung
KIM Kwanyoon58-06KIM Seong-Hyeon
KIM Seong-Hyeon15-49AHN Taeyoung
LEE Chunae48-16KIM Seong-Hyeon
KIM Seong-Hyeon17-47PARK Jonghyun
KIM Seong-Hyeon11-53KIM Taeyeon
2018-01-07: 2 King of Kings(Korea)
SOHR Jaeyoung62-02KIM Seong-Hyeon
KIM Seong-Hyeon09-55SHIN Dongmyung
SHIN Donghyeon56-08KIM Seong-Hyeon
KIM Seong-Hyeon16-48LEE Chunae
PARK Jonghyun55-09KIM Seong-Hyeon
KIM Seong-Hyeon27-37HONG Hyunwoo