GWAK Eunwoo (Korea)

2 tournaments
12 results
Player ID: 30532
Rated 5 in Korea and T310 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T374 in the World
Latest rating: 1973
  • 2022
2022-08-07: 6th Korea Myungin(Korea)
AHN Taeyoung33-31GWAK Eunwoo
GWAK Eunwoo50-14CHOI Minhyeok
YANG Chanju04-60GWAK Eunwoo
GWAK Eunwoo25-39GWAK Yujin
KIM Taeyeon24-40GWAK Eunwoo
2022-05-28: 29th Korea Othello Championship(Korea)
SOHR Jaeyoung39-25GWAK Eunwoo
GWAK Eunwoo57-07LIM Sungtae
AHN Taeyoung16-48GWAK Eunwoo
GWAK Eunwoo60-04GWAK Yujin
OH Joungmok32-32GWAK Eunwoo
GWAK Eunwoo37-27KIM Yoonsoo
NAM Sungwoo26-38GWAK Eunwoo