29th Korea Othello Championship (Korea)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

    4074, OH, Joung-Mok, KOR,  6.5, 269, 2181
   30102, SOHR, Jaeyoung, KOR,  6, 269, 2102
 + 30532, GWAK, Eunwoo, KOR,  5.5, 297, 0
   30501, AHN, Taeyoung, KOR,  4, 234, 1850
 + 30533, GWAK, Yujin, KOR,  4, 226, 0
   30414, KIM, Taeyeon, KOR,  3, 264, 1821
   30528, KIM, Yoonsoo, KOR,  3, 212, 1685
   30043, NAM, Sungwoo, KOR,  2, 223, 1795
 + 30534, LIM, Sungtae, KOR,  1, 135, 0
 + 30535, AN, Yihwan, KOR,  0, 111, 0


Here are all results.

2022-05-28: 29th Korea Othello Championship(Korea)
KIM Yoonsoo58-06AN Yihwan
SOHR Jaeyoung39-25KWAK Eunwoo
KWAK Yujin24-40OH Joungmok
AHN Taeyoung35-29KIM Taeyeon
LIM Sungtae23-41NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo24-40AHN Taeyoung
KIM Taeyeon31-33SOHR Jaeyoung
AN Yihwan22-42KWAK Yujin
KWAK Eunwoo57-07LIM Sungtae
OH Joungmok46-18KIM Yoonsoo
AHN Taeyoung16-48KWAK Eunwoo
SOHR Jaeyoung31-33OH Joungmok
KWAK Yujin17-47KIM Taeyeon
KIM Yoonsoo33-31NAM Sungwoo
LIM Sungtae35-29AN Yihwan
KIM Taeyeon44-20LIM Sungtae
OH Joungmok39-25AHN Taeyoung
SOHR Jaeyoung40-24KIM Yoonsoo
NAM Sungwoo48-16AN Yihwan
KWAK Eunwoo60-04KWAK Yujin
NAM Sungwoo29-35SOHR Jaeyoung
OH Joungmok32-32KWAK Eunwoo
AN Yihwan19-45AHN Taeyoung
LIM Sungtae10-54KWAK Yujin
KIM Yoonsoo33-31KIM Taeyeon
LIM Sungtae23-41OH Joungmok
KWAK Yujin40-24NAM Sungwoo
KWAK Eunwoo37-27KIM Yoonsoo
AHN Taeyoung26-38SOHR Jaeyoung
KIM Taeyeon56-08AN Yihwan
KIM Yoonsoo19-45KWAK Yujin
AN Yihwan11-53SOHR Jaeyoung
OH Joungmok38-26KIM Taeyeon
AHN Taeyoung47-17LIM Sungtae
NAM Sungwoo26-38KWAK Eunwoo