JAIN Rishaya (India)

3 tournaments
22 results
Player ID: 350047
Rated 11 in India and 595 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 855 in the World
Latest rating: 1129
2023-07-15: West Asia Championship 2023(India)
JAIN Rishaya44-20JADEJA Jayendra Sinh
KANJARIYA Jeram47-17JAIN Rishaya
JAIN Rishaya22-42MOTIVARAS Hardik
PARMAR Rajendra Sinh44-20JAIN Rishaya
JAIN Rishaya60-04DHAPA Sanjay
PANDYA Shailesh09-55JAIN Rishaya
JAIN Rishaya63-01MAKWANA Jitendra
ROY Amar40-24JAIN Rishaya
2023-07-13: Indian Championship 2023(India)
JAIN Rishaya56-08ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica17-47JAIN Rishaya
ROY Jesica07-57JAIN Rishaya
JAIN Rishaya03-61PANIGRAHI Somnath
ROY Amar57-07JAIN Rishaya
JAIN Rishaya25-39MOTIVARAS Hardik
PARMAR Rajendra Sinh16-48JAIN Rishaya
VYAS Mehul59-05JAIN Rishaya
2022-08-27: Indian Championship 2022(India)
VYAS Namrata25-39JAIN Rishaya
JAIN Rishaya18-46ROY Amar
JAIN Rishaya51-13PARMAR Rajendra Sinh
KHANDLA Bhagirath13-51JAIN Rishaya
JAIN Rishaya18-46CHOUDHARY Ashok
JAIN Rishaya13-51VYAS Mehul