AHN Hwimin (Korea)
4 tournaments
21 results
Rated 35 in Korea and 1021 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1348 in the World
Latest rating: 1059
2016-06-26: 1st King of Kings(Korea)
AHN Hwimin19-45NAM Sungwoo
KIM Seongchan36-28AHN Hwimin
AHN Hwimin06-58LEE Chun Ae
HONG Seonguk56-08AHN Hwimin
AHN Hwimin12-52CHUNG Jihoon
HONG Jaeseong46-18AHN Hwimin
2016-02-21: 25st Korea Othello Championships(Korea)
KIM Wangnyeon24-40AHN Hwimin
AHN Hwimin17-47LEE Kwangwook
TAKANASHI Yusuke60-04AHN Hwimin
AHN Hwimin37-27LEE Soonju
AHN Hwimin53-11KIM Donggyu
2015-07-26: 24st Korea Othello Championships(Korea)
LEE Yongeun50-14AHN Hwimin
AHN Hwimin06-58KIM Soo Ah
KIM Dongil35-29AHN Hwimin
LEE Mikael28-36AHN Hwimin
AHN Hwimin35-29SHIN Dongmyung
2015-04-19: 23th Korea Othello championship(Korea)
AHN Hwimin64-00KIM Daewon
CHUNG Jihoon59-05AHN Hwimin
AHN Hwimin39-25LEE Mikael
KIM Dongil34-30AHN Hwimin