LAGACHE Vincent (France)

4 tournaments
17 results
Rated 34 in France and 333 in Europe and 1536 in the World
Latest rating: 1006
2017-05-20: Ile de France 4(France)
LAGACHE Vincent31-33OVION Jacques
ANDRIANI Bintsa46-18LAGACHE Vincent
BRUIANT Jacky44-20LAGACHE Vincent
LAGACHE Vincent39-25BENOIT Serge
LAGACHE Vincent12-52BETIN Dominique
2015-05-16: Ile de France 5(France)
CLUZON Gilles31-33LAGACHE Vincent
LAGACHE Vincent22-42CHADAIGNE Romain
LAGACHE Vincent00-64TASTET Marc
2005-04-16: Ile de France 3(France)
LAGACHE Vincentlost toCASPARD Emmanuel
HERVE Jacquelinewon againstLAGACHE Vincent
LAGACHE Vincentlost toJAMET Patrick
LAGACHE Vincentlost toBENOIT Serge
MARGARIT Ericwon againstLAGACHE Vincent
2005-03-12: Ile de France 2(France)
LEVY-ABEGNOLI Thierrywon againstLAGACHE Vincent
LAGACHE Vincentlost toMARGARIT Eric
OVION Jacqueswon againstLAGACHE Vincent
LAGACHE Vincentlost toBOUGEARD Emmanuel