GUECI Riccardo (Italy)

5 tournaments
23 results
Player ID: 40103
Rated 59 in Italy and 388 in Europe and 1599 in the World
Latest rating: 468
WOF online rating: 1800, view profile on Vint.ee
2023-08-21: Mind Sports Olympiads(Great-Britain)
HERNANDEZ Mario38-26GUECI Riccardo
GUECI Riccardo42-22THOMPSON Martin
CURCAN Marian47-17GUECI Riccardo
GUECI Riccardo58-06FONTE GUERRA Hector
SALERNO Francesco28-36GUECI Riccardo
2022-06-19: Citta di Roma - Tappa I(Italy)
GUECI Riccardo18-46PACE Alessandro
LAI Fabrizio46-18GUECI Riccardo
GUECI Riccardo34-30TASSIN Valerio
2019-08-19: MSO Othello(Great-Britain)
JANG Chanhee33-31GUECI Riccardo
GUECI Riccardo49-15WON Ho-Young
CHOI Jun U24-40GUECI Riccardo
GUECI Riccardo43-21HERNANDEZ Mario
GUECI Riccardo37-27HWANG Mi-Youn
2018-08-19: MSO Othello(Great-Britain)
BONG Jungyun29-35GUECI Riccardo
GUECI Riccardo32-32KIM Hyunmin
OH Donghan32-32GUECI Riccardo
GUECI Riccardo28-36PEREZ ANDRADA Alejandro
LEE Jaehyun10-54GUECI Riccardo
2014-08-24: London Mind Sports Olympiad(Great-Britain)
GUECI Riccardowon againstHAVERY Andrew
PRIDMORE Benwon againstGUECI Riccardo
LANE Georgewon againstGUECI Riccardo
GUECI Riccardowon againstSATHY Saravanan
GUECI Riccardowon againstSMITH Paul