CHAN Cheuk Wing (Hong-Kong)

4 tournaments
31 results
Rated 17 in Hong-Kong and 890 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1167 in the World
Latest rating: 1116
2021-09-25: British Nationals 2021(Great-Britain)
CHAN Cheuk Wing09-55KYTE Bruce
BECK David48-16CHAN Cheuk Wing
CHAN Cheuk Wing20-44CHAPPELL Digby
CHAN Cheuk Wing27-37CHAPPELL Fraser
CHAN Cheuk Wing33-31CHAPPELL Graham
ARNOLD Roy38-26CHAN Cheuk Wing
PRIDMORE Ben38-26CHAN Cheuk Wing
BARRASS Iain48-16CHAN Cheuk Wing
CHAN Cheuk Wing07-57TURNER Ian
2018-06-02: 2018 Hong Kong Othello Championships(Hong-Kong)
SUNG Matthew14-50CHAN Cheuk Wing
CHAN Cheuk Wing14-50LEE Chun Wai
MA Derek50-14CHAN Cheuk Wing
CHAN Cheuk Wing33-31WONG KA Ho
WONG PUI TAK Vito39-25CHAN Cheuk Wing
CHAN Cheuk Wing17-47LEE Simon
YUNG MAN Hei29-35CHAN Cheuk Wing
2006-10-01: Hong Kong International Tournament(Hong-Kong)
FU Velmawon againstCHAN Cheuk Wing
CHAN Cheuk Winglost toSNEEK Marcel
CHAN Cheuk Winglost toTSOI Chun Yip
KRACZYK Romanwon againstCHAN Cheuk Wing
CHAN Cheuk Winglost toNG Man Ho
MA Wing Yinwon againstCHAN Cheuk Wing
CHAN Cheuk Winglost toYAN Leong Woo
KWOK Wing Keiwon againstCHAN Cheuk Wing
2006-07-17: Hong Kong Championship 2006(Hong-Kong)
WONG Tat Mingwon againstCHAN Cheuk Wing
MA Wing Yinwon againstCHAN Cheuk Wing
YUEN Kwai Chimwon againstCHAN Cheuk Wing
LAM Chung Yanwon againstCHAN Cheuk Wing
CHAN Cheuk Wingwon againstLAU Oi Ki
TUNG Chingwon againstCHAN Cheuk Wing
CHAN Chi Wai32-32CHAN Cheuk Wing