XIA Yake (China)

3 tournaments
23 results
Player ID: 60059
Rated 15 in China and 379 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 480 in the World
Latest rating: 1782
2023-04-29: Hangzhou open(China)
XIA Yakelost toZHU Linyun
SHI Peipeiwon againstXIA Yake
XIA Yakewon againstHUANG Xiaolong
ZHOU Minglost toXIA Yake
XIA Yakewon againstZHANG Anping
XIA Yakelost toMIYAZAKI Jun
CHEN Xuwon againstXIA Yake
2022-11-12: Hangzhou Open(China)
ZHANG Yemei12-52XIA Yake
LOU Chengjun17-47XIA Yake
XIA Yake54-10HU Bei
XIA Yake37-27WANG Yun
ZHANG Anping34-30XIA Yake
XIA Yake64-00BAO Haiyan
ZHENG Chaosen06-58XIA Yake
HU Bei10-54XIA Yake
XIA Yake22-42ZHANG Anping
2021-10-16: Hangzhou open(China)
HU Bei00-64XIA Yake
XIA Yake37-27SHI Peipei
XIA Yake13-51QIU Yifeng
YANG Bo30-34XIA Yake
XIA Yake23-41WANG Zhen
XIA Yake27-37SONG Yan