Hangzhou Open (China)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

  60059, XIA, Yake, CHN, 6.0
 +60201, ZHANG, Anping, CHN, 6.0
   7131, WANG, Yun, CHN, 5.0
   7233, HU, Bei, CHN, 5.0
 +60202, WANG, Yue, CHN, 4.0
 +60203, LOU, Chengjun, CHN, 4.0
 +60204, ZHENG, Chaosen, CHN, 4.0
 +60205, ZHANG, Yemei, CHN, 3.0
 +60206, ZHOU, Huayin, CHN, 3.0
 +60207, LI, Zheyu, CHN, 3.0
 +60208, BAO, Haiyan, CHN, 3.0
 +60200, LV, Yaofen, CHN, 2.0
 +60209, XIAO, Bing, CHN, 1.0


Here are all results.

2022-11-12: Hangzhou Open(China)
ZHOU Huayin24-40LOU Chengjun
ZHANG Yemei12-52XIA Yake
WANG Yue20-44LI Zheyu
ZHANG Anping23-41WANG Yun
XIAO Bing15-49ZHENG Chaosen
BAO Haiyan15-49HU Bei
LOU Chengjun17-47XIA Yake
LI Zheyu01-63WANG Yun
ZHENG Chaosen47-17LV Yaofen
HU Bei64-00ZHANG Yemei
ZHOU Huayin11-53ZHANG Anping
WANG Yue49-15BAO Haiyan
WANG Yun61-03ZHENG Chaosen
XIA Yake54-10HU Bei
LOU Chengjun10-54WANG Yue
LV Yaofen21-43LI Zheyu
ZHANG Anping53-11XIAO Bing
ZHANG Yemei51-13BAO Haiyan
XIA Yake37-27WANG Yun
LI Zheyu04-60ZHANG Anping
HU Bei52-12WANG Yue
ZHENG Chaosen18-46LOU Chengjun
XIAO Bing18-46ZHANG Yemei
LV Yaofen30-34ZHOU Huayin
ZHANG Anping34-30XIA Yake
WANG Yun29-35HU Bei
LOU Chengjun44-20LI Zheyu
ZHANG Yemei25-39ZHENG Chaosen
BAO Haiyan33-31ZHOU Huayin
XIAO Bing24-40LV Yaofen
HU Bei23-41ZHANG Anping
XIA Yake64-00BAO Haiyan
LV Yaofen20-44LOU Chengjun
WANG Yue41-23ZHANG Yemei
ZHOU Huayin29-35ZHENG Chaosen
WANG Yun51-13XIAO Bing
ZHANG Anping64-00WANG Yue
ZHENG Chaosen06-58XIA Yake
LOU Chengjun00-64WANG Yun
LI Zheyu21-43HU Bei
BAO Haiyan34-30LV Yaofen
XIAO Bing21-43ZHOU Huayin
HU Bei10-54XIA Yake
ZHANG Anping35-29WANG Yun
HU Bei22-42WANG Yun
XIA Yake22-42ZHANG Anping