LV Zimo (China)

4 tournaments
38 results
Player ID: 60079
Rated 25 in China and 615 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 911 in the World
Latest rating: 957
WOF online rating: 1800, view profile on Vint.ee
2023-07-29: Hangzhou Youth open(China)
WUTONG Ren20-44LV Zimo
LV Zimo42-22TIAN Xin
CAI Luoke39-25LV Zimo
LV Zimo64-00MA Weiqi
DUFOUR Noa15-49LV Zimo
LV Zimo21-43CHEN Xuanrui
CAI Luoqi17-47LV Zimo
LV Zimo31-33CHEN Xuanrui
LI Nuoyan29-35LV Zimo
2023-06-23: Asia Pacific Othello Championship 2023(Mongolia)
LV Zimo37-27ERDENEBAATAR Munkhbayar
GANBAYAR Uguumur24-40LV Zimo
LV Zimo07-57KOH DING SHENG Calvin
BATTULGA Namkhai49-15LV Zimo
LV Zimo20-44BAIGAL Batsukh
SASHKA Chinzorig13-51LV Zimo
LV Zimo28-36TUVSHINJARGAL Molor-Erdene
BATSUKH Temuujin10-54LV Zimo
ULZIIDELGER Delgersaikhan15-49LV Zimo
LV Zimo22-42ERDENEMUNKH Manlai
GANZES Ankhbayar56-08LV Zimo
LI Nuoyan29-35LV Zimo
LV Zimo27-37LV Chong
2023-04-29: Hangzhou youth open(China)
CAI Luoqiwon againstLV Zimo
LV Zimowon againstLI Xilai
LV Zimowon againstXUE Wenbo
CAI Luokewon againstLV Zimo
LV Zimowon againstWANG Liuliu
LI Siqilost toLV Zimo
LV Zimowon againstLI Nuoyan
LI Siqi30-34LV Zimo
LV Zimo49-15LI Nuoyan
2022-11-12: Hangzhou Youth open(China)
LV Zimo52-12SONG Zining
CHEN Yongqi48-16LV Zimo
LV Zimo50-14ZHOU Yuze
GUO Zhenhang45-19LV Zimo
LV Zimo45-19YAO Yuze
YU Yuechen11-53LV Zimo
LV Zimo18-46LI Nuoyan