Hangzhou Youth open (China)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

      ID,  NAME               , COUNTRY, SCORE
  120254,  DUFOUR, Daniel     ,     NLD, 7.0
  +60224,  CHEN, Xuanrui      ,     CHN, 5.0
   60079,  LV, Zimo           ,     CHN, 5.0
   60070,  LI, Nuoyan         ,     CHN, 5.0
   60215,  REN, Wudong        ,     CHN, 5.0
  120286,  DUFOUR, Noa        ,     NLD, 5.0
   60068,  CAI, Luoke         ,     CHN, 4.0
   60213,  ZHANG, Xiaoguo     ,     CHN, 4.0
  +60225,  MA, Yuhan          ,     CHN, 4.0
   60071,  CAI, Luoqi         ,     CHN, 4.0
  +60226,  SHANG, Guanhua     ,     CHN, 4.0
   60072,  MAO, Haoyi         ,     CHN, 4.0
  +60227,  RONG, Xu           ,     CHN, 4.0
  +60228,  MA, Yubo           ,     CHN, 3.0
  +60229,  HAN, Bo            ,     CHN, 3.0
   60217,  KANG, Wen          ,     CHN, 3.0
  +60230,  TIAN, Xin          ,     CHN, 3.0
  +60231,  ZHANG, Qizheng     ,     CHN, 3.0
  +60232,  SUN, Chenyu        ,     CHN, 3.0
  +60233,  MA, Weiqi          ,     CHN, 3.0
  +60234,  HA, Yuchen         ,     CHN, 3.0
  +60235,  MA, Chishengjia    ,     CHN, 2.0
  +60236,  ZHANG, Jingyan     ,     CHN, 2.0
  +60237,  ZHANG, Zeyu        ,     CHN, 2.0
  +60238,  WEI, Xiao          ,     CHN, 1.0


Here are all results.

2023-07-29: Hangzhou Youth open(China)
LI Nuoyan45-19HAN Bo
MA Weiqi22-42ZHANG Xiaoguo
CAI Luoke50-14MA Yuhan
TIAN Xin64-00WEI Xiao
ZHANG Zeyu00-64DUFOUR Daniel
REN Wudong20-44LV Zimo
ZHANG Jingyan00-64CHEN Xuanrui
MA Chishengjia22-42RONG Xu
SUN Chenyu18-46SHANG Guanhua
MAO Haoyi39-25MA Yubo
HA Yuchen26-38ZHANG Qizheng
DUFOUR Daniel56-08MAO Haoyi
SHANG Guanhua12-52CAI Luoke
ZHANG Xiaoguo10-54CAI Luoqi
ZHANG Qizheng23-41LI Nuoyan
LV Zimo42-22TIAN Xin
CHEN Xuanrui63-01HA Yuchen
HAN Bo05-59REN Wudong
KANG Wen45-19SUN Chenyu
MA Yuhan40-24MA Chishengjia
MA Yubo38-26ZHANG Jingyan
WEI Xiao25-39MA Weiqi
LI Nuoyan15-49DUFOUR Daniel
CAI Luoke39-25LV Zimo
CAI Luoqi14-50CHEN Xuanrui
KANG Wen31-33RONG Xu
DUFOUR Noa48-16SHANG Guanhua
REN Wudong36-28MA Yubo
MA Weiqi48-16ZHANG Zeyu
TIAN Xin16-48MA Yuhan
MAO Haoyi20-44ZHANG Xiaoguo
MA Chishengjia40-24ZHANG Qizheng
HA Yuchen56-08WEI Xiao
SUN Chenyu35-29HAN Bo
DUFOUR Daniel64-00RONG Xu
CHEN Xuanrui39-25CAI Luoke
MA Yuhan25-39DUFOUR Noa
CAI Luoqi42-22REN Wudong
ZHANG Xiaoguo51-13LI Nuoyan
LV Zimo64-00MA Weiqi
SHANG Guanhua48-16HA Yuchen
ZHANG Jingyan26-38KANG Wen
ZHANG Zeyu27-37MA Chishengjia
MA Yubo47-17SUN Chenyu
ZHANG Qizheng17-47MAO Haoyi
HAN Bo50-14TIAN Xin
CHEN Xuanrui22-42DUFOUR Daniel
DUFOUR Noa15-49LV Zimo
CAI Luoke22-42ZHANG Xiaoguo
RONG Xu03-61CAI Luoqi
KANG Wen01-63MA Yuhan
LI Nuoyan61-03MAO Haoyi
MA Chishengjia18-46SHANG Guanhua
MA Weiqi08-56MA Yubo
REN Wudong45-19HA Yuchen
WEI Xiao13-51HAN Bo
SUN Chenyu33-31ZHANG Jingyan
TIAN Xin52-12ZHANG Zeyu
DUFOUR Daniel64-00CAI Luoqi
LV Zimo21-43CHEN Xuanrui
ZHANG Xiaoguo17-47DUFOUR Noa
MA Yubo25-39CAI Luoke
RONG Xu14-50LI Nuoyan
MA Yuhan12-52REN Wudong
SHANG Guanhua31-33KANG Wen
HAN Bo23-41ZHANG Qizheng
MAO Haoyi46-18MA Chishengjia
TIAN Xin31-33MA Weiqi
ZHANG Zeyu20-44SUN Chenyu
ZHANG Jingyan33-31WEI Xiao
CAI Luoke20-44DUFOUR Daniel
LI Nuoyan35-29CHEN Xuanrui
CAI Luoqi17-47LV Zimo
REN Wudong42-22ZHANG Xiaoguo
DUFOUR Noa47-17MA Yubo
KANG Wen18-46MAO Haoyi
MA Weiqi13-51SHANG Guanhua
SUN Chenyu15-49MA Yuhan
ZHANG Qizheng25-39RONG Xu
HA Yuchen35-29ZHANG Jingyan
MA Chishengjia00-64HAN Bo
WEI Xiao27-37ZHANG Zeyu
LV Zimo31-33CHEN Xuanrui
LI Nuoyan17-47DUFOUR Daniel
LI Nuoyan29-35LV Zimo
DUFOUR Daniel51-13CHEN Xuanrui