SHI Peipei (China)
4 tournaments
30 results
Rated 13 in China and T512 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T620 in the World
Latest rating: 1813
2017-10-05: 20171005_6_Shanghai_Open_CHN.(China)
WANG Zhen28-36SHI Peipei
SHI Peipei25-39QIU Yifeng
SHI Peipei18-46DU Zhouzi
HONG Yulan06-58SHI Peipei
SHI Peipei21-43ZHAO Jing
FENG Ling40-24SHI Peipei
SHI Peipei50-14LI Chang
2014-06-01: 1st Hangzhou Open(China)
WEN Zeshun16-48SHI Peipei
SHI Peipei17-47HUANG Shilin
NI Jingyu07-57SHI Peipei
SHI Peipei40-24QIU Yifeng
HU Yingchong55-09SHI Peipei
SHI Peipei37-27WANG Yun
SHI Peipei19-45DONG Zhen
2013-10-04: 2nd Beijin Othello Open(China)
SONG Yan18-46SHI Peipei
SHI Peipei32-32WANG Wuquan
ZHOU Chuan06-58SHI Peipei
SHI Peipei27-37FENG Ling
HUANG Shilin25-39SHI Peipei
SHI Peipei35-29FANG Yuqi
ZHAO Jingtao22-42SHI Peipei
FENG Ling33-31SHI Peipei
ZHAO Jingtao23-41SHI Peipei
2012-05-06: 7th Guangzhou Othello Open(China)
FANG Randywon againstSHI Peipei
SHI Peipeiwon againstYAN Jianfang
WONG Chi Wahwon againstSHI Peipei
SHI Peipeiwon againstLIAO Yinfeng
HE Simingwon againstSHI Peipei
SHI Peipeiwon againstLI Yuebo
SHI Peipeiwon againstRUHMKORFF Ben