12 Guangzhou open (China)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

     ID,  NAME              , COUNTRY, SCORE
   7157,  LIN, Lanbo        ,     CHN, 7.0
 +60239,  LV, Le            ,     CHN, 6.0
  60012,  LI, Chang         ,     CHN, 5.0
   7192,  SHI, Peipei       ,     CHN, 4.0
 +60240,  ZENG, Yuming      ,     CHN, 4.0
  60028,  CHEN, Xun         ,     CHN, 4.0
 +60241,  ZENG, Anna        ,     CHN, 4.0
 +60242,  WU, Lei           ,     CHN, 4.0
   7147,  ZHU, Linyun       ,     CHN, 3.0
   7155,  YU, Jinlei        ,     CHN, 3.0
   6405,  MA, Derek         ,     CHN, 3.0
   7195,  HUA, Zhibin       ,     CHN, 3.0
  61004,  REN, Wutong       ,     CHN, 3.0
  60068,  CAI, Luoke        ,     CHN, 2.0
  60070,  LI, Nuoyan        ,     CHN, 1.0
  60071,  CAI, Luoqi        ,     CHN, 0.0


Here are all results.

2023-08-26: 12 Guangzhou open(China)
ZENG Anna25-39SHI Peipei
LIN Lanbo57-07LI Nuoyan
LV Le46-18ZHU Linyun
HUA Zhibin31-33WUTONG Ren
YU Jinlei64-00CAI Luoqi
CAI Luoke14-50ZENG Yuming
LI Chang42-22WU Lei
MA Derek38-26CHEN Xun
SHI Peipei25-39YU Jinlei
WUTONG Ren13-51LIN Lanbo
ZENG Yuming44-20MA Derek
LI Chang19-45LV Le
ZHU Linyun45-19ZENG Anna
WU Lei35-29HUA Zhibin
LI Nuoyan15-49CAI Luoke
LIN Lanbo41-23YU Jinlei
LV Le49-15ZENG Yuming
MA Derek17-47SHI Peipei
WUTONG Ren29-35ZHU Linyun
CAI Luoke06-58LI Chang
CHEN Xun40-24WU Lei
HUA Zhibin22-42ZENG Anna
LV Le30-34LIN Lanbo
SHI Peipei37-27ZENG Yuming
ZHU Linyun22-42LI Chang
YU Jinlei18-46CHEN Xun
ZENG Anna52-12CAI Luoke
WU Lei53-11LI Nuoyan
MA Derek54-10WUTONG Ren
LIN Lanbo36-28SHI Peipei
CHEN Xun18-46LV Le
LI Chang46-18MA Derek
YU Jinlei19-45ZHU Linyun
ZENG Yuming50-14WU Lei
LI Nuoyan09-55ZENG Anna
CAI Luoke09-55HUA Zhibin
LI Chang31-33LIN Lanbo
ZENG Anna17-47LV Le
SHI Peipei38-26CHEN Xun
ZENG Yuming39-25YU Jinlei
HUA Zhibin34-30MA Derek
WU Lei41-23WUTONG Ren
ZHU Linyun64-00LI Nuoyan
LIN Lanbo45-19ZENG Yuming
LV Le34-30SHI Peipei
HUA Zhibin29-35LI Chang
CHEN Xun35-29ZHU Linyun
YU Jinlei21-43ZENG Anna
WU Lei51-13CAI Luoke
WUTONG Ren53-11LI Nuoyan
LIN Lanbo27-37SHI Peipei
LI Chang31-33LV Le
LIN Lanbo30-34LI Chang
SHI Peipei26-38LV Le