LINDE Mathias (Denmark)
8 tournaments
54 results
Rated 4 in Denmark and 70 in Europe and T545 in the World
Latest rating: 1875
2018-11-11: Aarhus Open(Denmark)
PEDERSEN Martin Moeller Skarbiniks13-51LINDE Mathias
HOEGH Daniel12-52LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias51-13GRAULUND Lars Peter
FELDBORG Karsten38-26LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias41-23BADSTED Palle
LINDE Mathias37-27VALLUND Torben
QVIST JESSEN Claus34-30LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias14-50FELDBORG Karsten
2018-09-07: Dansk Mesterskab 2018(Denmark)
NIELSEN John11-53LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias47-17ANDREASEN Mathias
FELDBORG Karsten31-33LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias33-31LUND JENSEN Erik
MICHAELSEN Peter18-46LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias12-52HUBBARD Geoff
LINDE Mathias15-49FELDBORG Karsten
2017-09-09: Danish Champ 2017(Denmark)
LUND JENSEN Erik43-21LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias30-34HOEGH Daniel
JOHANSEN Kim K08-56LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias46-18VALLUND Henrik
LINDE Mathias45-19NIELSEN Kim J
LINDE Mathias16-48FELDBORG Karsten
2014-09-12: Danish Championship(Denmark)
LUND JENSEN Erik46-18LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias29-35STORM Henning
LINDE Mathias56-08FJELLERUP Cecilia
MICHAELSEN Peter11-53LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias55-09MAARTENSSON Mikael
FELDBORG Karsten26-38LINDE Mathias
2011-09-10: Danish championship(Denmark)
LUND JENSEN Erik24-40LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias38-26STOKKE Solrun
FELDBORG Karsten36-28LINDE Mathias
MAARTENSSON Mikael29-35LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias37-27BADSTED Palle
LINDE Mathias34-30VALLUND Henrik
JENSEN Kim Dennis04-60LINDE Mathias
BADSTED Palle40-24LINDE Mathias
2011-03-26: Randers Open(Denmark)
LINDE Mathias62-02MICHAELSEN Peter
STORM Henning33-31LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias44-20STOKKE Solrun
VALLUND Henrik25-39LINDE Mathias
NIELSEN Kim J28-36LINDE Mathias
2010-09-11: Danish championship(Denmark)
LINDE Mathias42-22BADSTED Palle
MAARTENSSON Mikael36-28LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias23-41LUND JENSEN Erik
MUNCH Marlena27-37LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias48-16FELDBORG Karsten
HUBBARD Geoff47-17LINDE Mathias
2010-04-26: Randers open(Denmark)
LINDE Mathias55-09MICHAELSEN Peter
LINDE Mathias51-13STOKKE Solrun
LINDE Mathias30-34STORM Henning
MICHAELSEN Peter26-38LINDE Mathias
STOKKE Solrun11-53LINDE Mathias
STORM Henning20-44LINDE Mathias