LINDE Mathias (Denmark)

10 tournaments
74 results
Player ID: 220003
Rated 7 in Denmark and 131 in Europe and T877 in the World
Latest rating: 1710

Mathias Linde is the #4 rated player in Denmark! He has been playing competitively since 2010. Interestingly enough he has only played tournaments in Denmark which means WOC 2019 in Hong Kong will be his first World Othello championship and his first international tournament!

2019-11-09: Addit Open(Denmark)
HEDE Kim16-48LINDE Mathias
LUND Erik35-29LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias48-16MICHAELSEN Peter
LINDE Mathias30-34FELDBORG Karsten
JOHANSEN Kim K17-47LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias19-45QVIST JESSEN Claus
NIELSEN Alberte Josefine07-57LINDE Mathias
2019-10-092019-10-11: WOC 2019(World)
BLIJLEVEN Mireille40-24LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias48-16MILANKOV Samuel
RUBY Kevin23-41LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias16-48HU Ying Chong
BJORK Lisbeth10-54LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias18-46KOH Bo Chao Alex
SHIFMAN Micky26-38LINDE Mathias
DE CAMARGO Lucas43-21LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias13-51SHIFMAN Ilya
NOH Euichan11-53LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias41-23SHIFMAN Leonid
HEMPIJIT Woramet50-14LINDE Mathias
2018-11-11: Aarhus Open(Denmark)
PEDERSEN Martin Moeller Skarbiniks13-51LINDE Mathias
HOEGH Daniel12-52LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias51-13GRAULUND Lars Peter
FELDBORG Karsten38-26LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias41-23BADSTED Palle
LINDE Mathias37-27VALLUND Torben
QVIST JESSEN Claus34-30LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias14-50FELDBORG Karsten
2018-09-07: Dansk Mesterskab 2018(Denmark)
NIELSEN John11-53LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias47-17ANDREASEN Mathias
FELDBORG Karsten31-33LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias33-31LUND Erik
MICHAELSEN Peter18-46LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias12-52HUBBARD Geoff
LINDE Mathias15-49FELDBORG Karsten
2017-09-09: Danish Champ 2017(Denmark)
LUND Erik43-21LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias30-34HOEGH Daniel
JOHANSEN Kim K08-56LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias46-18VALLUND Henrik
LINDE Mathias45-19NIELSEN Kim J
LINDE Mathias16-48FELDBORG Karsten
2014-09-12: Danish Championship(Denmark)
LUND Erik46-18LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias29-35STORM Henning
LINDE Mathias56-08FJELLERUP Cecilia
MICHAELSEN Peter11-53LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias55-09MAARTENSSON Mikael
FELDBORG Karsten26-38LINDE Mathias
2011-09-10: Danish championship(Denmark)
LUND Erik24-40LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias38-26STOKKE Solrun
FELDBORG Karsten36-28LINDE Mathias
MAARTENSSON Mikael29-35LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias37-27BADSTED Palle
LINDE Mathias34-30VALLUND Henrik
JENSEN Kim Dennis04-60LINDE Mathias
BADSTED Palle40-24LINDE Mathias
2011-03-26: Randers Open(Denmark)
LINDE Mathias62-02MICHAELSEN Peter
STORM Henning33-31LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias44-20STOKKE Solrun
VALLUND Henrik25-39LINDE Mathias
NIELSEN Kim J28-36LINDE Mathias
2010-09-11: Danish championship(Denmark)
LINDE Mathias42-22BADSTED Palle
MAARTENSSON Mikael36-28LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias23-41LUND Erik
MUNCH Marlena27-37LINDE Mathias
LINDE Mathias48-16FELDBORG Karsten
HUBBARD Geoff47-17LINDE Mathias
2010-04-26: Randers open(Denmark)
LINDE Mathias55-09MICHAELSEN Peter
LINDE Mathias51-13STOKKE Solrun
LINDE Mathias30-34STORM Henning
MICHAELSEN Peter26-38LINDE Mathias
STOKKE Solrun11-53LINDE Mathias
STORM Henning20-44LINDE Mathias