YE Steven (Canada)

2 tournaments
19 results
Player ID: 110011
Rated 6 in Canada and 50 in North&South America and 1584 in the World
Latest rating: 539

I sometimes play rhythm games (IIDX) and fighting games (Under Night In-Birth). gayaf. Twitter@GreenCakewalk. I've been playing Othello for about a year now. My favourite Othello memory is watching Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu the first time.

  • 2018
2018-10-102018-10-12: WOC 2018(World)
YE Steven23-41VERSTUYFT Eline
OUREGA Loh Jeannot45-19YE Steven
YE Steven26-38MAKSYMOV Yehor
KHUYAGBAATAR Buyanzaya40-24YE Steven
YE Steven20-44VERSTUYFT Jana
ZINCENKO Nikita50-14YE Steven
YE Steven53-11HIGGINS Matthew
HALIMON Eduard24-40YE Steven
YE Steven11-53PLOWMAN Mark
ZINCENKO Marina56-08YE Steven
YE Steven25-39LOFROTH Emma
YE Steven11-53OUREGA GALLO Irene
RACEK Matyas64-00YE Steven
2018-06-03: Canadian championship 2018(Canada)
YE Steven12-52CORIO Marc
FU Jacky55-09YE Steven
YE Steven12-52CORIO Marc
KRZYWONOS Tim64-00YE Steven
YE Steven16-48HIGGINS Matthew
YE Steven05-59KRISHNA G. V. Sai