1st Kolkata Othello Championship (India)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

 ID,	NAME,		Firstname,	COUNTRY,   score,    disc-count
  350003, ROY,		Amar,		India,	10,	496
  350001, PANIGRAHI,	Somnath,	India,	9,	474
 +350008, JANA,		Debajit,	India,	5,	347
  350007, HALDER, 	Goutam,		India,	4,	236
 +350009, JANGRA,	Virender, 	India,	3,	232
 +350010, PAL,		Sounak,		India,	2,	206
 +350011, PAUL,		Tuhin,		India,	2,	124
 +350012, GOSWAMI,	Sujoy,		India,	0,	125


Here are all results.

2010-02-27: 1st Kolkata Othello Championship(India)
ROY Amar11-53PANIGRAHI Somnath
PANIGRAHI Somnath30-34ROY Amar
ROY Amar51-13PANIGRAHI Somnath
HALDER Goutam13-51ROY Amar
ROY Amar52-12HALDER Goutam
JANA Debajit31-33PANIGRAHI Somnath
PANIGRAHI Somnath47-17JANA Debajit
JANA Debajit22-42JANGRA Virender
PAL Sounak28-36HALDER Goutam
PAUL Tuhin09-55ROY Amar
HALDER Goutam14-50JANA Debajit
JANGRA Virender26-38PAL Sounak
JANA Debajit59-05GOSWAMI Sujoy
HALDER Goutam47-17PAUL Tuhin
ROY Amar34-30JANGRA Virender
PANIGRAHI Somnath35-29JANGRA Virender
PAL Sounak30-34PAUL Tuhin
GOSWAMI Sujoy16-48ROY Amar
PAL Sounak20-44PANIGRAHI Somnath
JANA Debajit20-44ROY Amar
HALDER Goutam40-24GOSWAMI Sujoy
PAUL Tuhin08-56JANGRA Virender
JANA Debajit53-11PANIGRAHI Somnath
PAL Sounak50-14GOSWAMI Sujoy
PANIGRAHI Somnath43-21ROY Amar
JANA Debajit47-17PAUL Tuhin
HALDER Goutam17-47PANIGRAHI Somnath
JANGRA Virender16-48HALDER Goutam
GOSWAMI Sujoy25-39PAUL Tuhin
JANA Debajit48-16PAL Sounak
HALDER Goutam09-55ROY Amar
GOSWAMI Sujoy31-33JANGRA Virender
PAUL Tuhin00-64PANIGRAHI Somnath
PAL Sounak24-40ROY Amar