ROY Amar (India)

15 tournaments
138 results
Player ID: 350003
Rated 2 in India and T420 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T552 in the World
Latest rating: 1718
WOF online rating: 1651, view profile on Vint.ee

Amar Roy has been playing Othello competitively since 2009. He will be attending his first World Othello Championship in Rome in November 2023.

2023-07-15: West Asia Championship 2023(India)
ROY Amar37-27PANIGRAHI Somnath
CHOUDHARY Ashok26-38ROY Amar
ROY Amar13-51CHOUDHARY Ashok
ROY Amar03-61CHOUDHARY Ashok
PARMAR Anil10-54ROY Amar
ROY Amar45-19VYAS Mehul
KANJARIYA Jeram10-54ROY Amar
CHOUDHARY Ashok29-35ROY Amar
ROY Amar33-31PANIGRAHI Somnath
ROY Amar51-13ROY Jesica
SHIYAL Vijay27-37ROY Amar
ROY Amar40-24JAIN Rishaya
2023-07-13: Indian Championship 2023(India)
ROY Amar23-41VYAS Mehul
CHOUDHARY Ashok34-30ROY Amar
ROY Amar24-40CHOUDHARY Ashok
JADEJA Jayendra Sinh22-42ROY Amar
ROY Amar15-49CHOUDHARY Ashok
ROY Amar57-07JAIN Rishaya
KANJARIYA Jeram13-51ROY Amar
ROY Amar35-29VYAS Mehul
PANIGRAHI Somnath41-23ROY Amar
2023-03-18: Kolkata Othello Championship(India)
SHARMA Anirudh21-43ROY Amar
ROY Amar40-24SHARMA Anirudh
ROY Amar37-27PAUL Tuhin
PAUL Tuhin20-44ROY Amar
MONDAL Avijit01-63ROY Amar
ROY Amar31-33SHARMA Anirudh
DAS Sanjit15-49ROY Amar
ROY Amar34-30PAUL Tuhin
ROY Jesica26-38ROY Amar
2022-08-27: Indian Championship 2022(India)
CHOUDHARY Ashok51-13ROY Amar
ROY Amar29-35CHOUDHARY Ashok
ROY Amar43-21VYAS Mehul
VYAS Mehul24-40ROY Amar
JAIN Rishaya18-46ROY Amar
CHOUDHARY Ashok38-26ROY Amar
ROY Amar45-19PAUL Tuhin
VYAS Mehul36-28ROY Amar
ROY Amar51-13KHANDLA Bhagirath
2022-03-05: Kolkata Championship 2022(India)
ROY Amar51-13NANDY Sourav
DUTTA Abhijit14-50ROY Amar
ROY Amar34-30CHANDRA Debojyoti
VYAS Mehul45-19ROY Amar
ROY Amar23-41PAUL Tuhin
SHARMA Anirudh40-24ROY Amar
ROY Amar52-12GHOSH Partha Sarathi
2021-03-07: Kolkata Othello Championship 2021(India)
ROY Amar29-35SHARMA Anirudh
SHARMA Anirudh31-33ROY Amar
ROY Amar20-44SHARMA Anirudh
JANA Debajit22-42ROY Amar
ROY Amar45-19JANA Debajit
ROY Amar56-08HALDER Goutam
SINGHA Indrajit00-64ROY Amar
ROY Amar32-32PAUL Tuhin
GHOSH Partha Sarathi28-36ROY Amar
ROY Amar38-26JANA Debajit
SHARMA Anirudh42-22ROY Amar
2019-09-07: Indian Othello Championship 2019(India)
AGARWAL Sumit10-54ROY Amar
CHOUGLE Abdulrehman55-09ROY Amar
ROY Amar36-28CHOUGLE Abdulrehman
CHOUGLE Abdulrehman32-32ROY Amar
ROY Amar48-16CHOUDHARY Januram
CHOUDHARY Ashok43-21ROY Amar
ROY Amar48-16AGARWAL Sumit
CHOUGLE Abdulrehman34-30ROY Amar
ROY Amar43-21BHARATI Sandeep
2017-12-24: Indian Othello Championship 2017(India)
CHOUDHARY Ashok52-12ROY Amar
ROY Amar44-20GHOSH Partha Sarathi
ROY Amar36-28SHARMA Anirudh
ROY Amar54-10KAMESH Hridayesh
ROY Amar52-12CHANDRA Debojyoti
ROY Amar39-25PANIGRAHI Somnath
ROY Amar32-32SHARMA Anirudh
ROY Amar38-26SHARMA Anirudh
ROY Amar39-25SHARMA Anirudh
CHOUDHARY Ashok37-27ROY Amar
CHOUDHARY Ashok61-03ROY Amar
2012-09-22: Indian Othello Championship 2012(India)
VYAS Mehul39-25ROY Amar
ROY Amar15-49PAUL Tuhin
2012-02-25: Kolkata Othello Championship(India)
ROY Amar21-43PANIGRAHI Somnath
SHARMA Anirudh16-48ROY Amar
ROY Amar33-31PAUL Tuhin
DUTTA Abhijit20-44ROY Amar
CHOUDHARY Ashok31-33ROY Amar
ROY Amar59-05GHOSH Partha Sarathi
JANA Debajit38-26ROY Amar
CHOUDHARY Ashok28-36ROY Amar
CHOUDHARY Ashok52-12ROY Amar
CHOUDHARY Ashok42-22ROY Amar
ROY Amar39-25PAUL Tuhin
2011-07-02: Indian Othello Chmapionship(India)
ROY Amar24-40VYAS Mehul
VYAS Mehul37-27ROY Amar
SAIFI Irshad40-24ROY Amar
ROY Amar30-34CHOUDHARY Ashok
PANIGRAHI Somnath54-10ROY Amar
VYAS Mehul21-43ROY Amar
SHARMA Hitesh17-47ROY Amar
2011-02-26: Kolkata Othello Championship(India)
GOSWAMI Sujoy18-46ROY Amar
ROY Amar34-30SARKAR Abhijit
ROY Amar48-16BISWAS Dipankar
CHOUDHARY Ashok33-31ROY Amar
ROY Amar16-48PANIGRAHI Somnath
SHARMA Anirudh32-32ROY Amar
ROY Amar17-47JANA Debajit
2010-09-17: 2nd Indian Othello Championship 2010(India)
ROY Amar24-40SHARMA Hitesh
VYAS Mehul34-30ROY Amar
HALDER Goutam10-54ROY Amar
PAUL Tuhin05-59ROY Amar
JANA Debajit19-45ROY Amar
ROY Amar28-36PANIGRAHI Somnath
ROY Amar25-38SAIFI Imtiyaz
ROY Amar31-33SAIFI Irshad
CHOUDHARY Ashok30-34ROY Amar
2010-02-27: 1st Kolkata Othello Championship(India)
ROY Amar11-53PANIGRAHI Somnath
PANIGRAHI Somnath30-34ROY Amar
ROY Amar51-13PANIGRAHI Somnath
HALDER Goutam13-51ROY Amar
ROY Amar52-12HALDER Goutam
PAUL Tuhin09-55ROY Amar
ROY Amar34-30JANGRA Virender
GOSWAMI Sujoy16-48ROY Amar
JANA Debajit20-44ROY Amar
PANIGRAHI Somnath43-21ROY Amar
HALDER Goutam09-55ROY Amar
PAL Sounak24-40ROY Amar
2009-10-06: Indian Championship(India)
VYAS Mehul47-17ROY Amar
ROY Amar23-41VYAS Mehul
CHOUDHARY Ashok39-25ROY Amar
ROY Amar33-31CHOUDHARY Ashok
CHOUDHARY Ashok26-38ROY Amar
ROY Amar42-22CHOUDHARY Ashok
ROY Amar19-45PANIGRAHI Somnath
VYAS Mehul40-24ROY Amar
GARODIA Abhishek37-27ROY Amar
ROY Amar44-20MITRA Subhadip
ROY Amar45-19SHAW Sandip
HALDER Goutam02-62ROY Amar