8_period_Mito_silver_Jishi (Japan)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

   6986, IZUMI, takashi, J, 5.0, 218
   5661, KURAHASHI, tetsushi, J, 3.0, 183
   5618, KATO, tomihiro, J, 2.0, 165
   5580, AKITA, takuma, J, 2.0, 120
   5632, ISAKA, tomoaki, J, 0.0, 82


Here are all results.

2010-04-03: 8_period_Mito_silver_Jishi(Japan)
KURAHASHI Satoshi51-13AKITA Takuma
KATO Tomihiro51-13ISAKA Tomoaki
IZUMI Takashi47-17ISAKA Tomoaki
KATO Tomihiro41-23KURAHASHI Satoshi
IZUMI Takashi41-23KURAHASHI Satoshi
AKITA Takuma40-24KATO Tomihiro
IZUMI Takashi37-27KATO Tomihiro
AKITA Takuma36-28ISAKA Tomoaki
IZUMI Takashi51-13AKITA Takuma
KURAHASHI Satoshi40-24ISAKA Tomoaki
IZUMI Takashi42-22KATO Tomihiro
KURAHASHI Satoshi46-18AKITA Takuma