Italian Championship (not master) (Italy)
2010-10-02 → 2010-10-03

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

 40002, ILACQUA, Gianluca
 3019, DIODATI, Michele
 2933, PRIVITERA, Francesco
 40018, LELLA, Graziano
 3060, RUSSO, Luigi
 40022, IACAZ, Sara
 3062, CAVIOLA, Leonardo
 40020, BIANCHI, Simonetta
 40019, CAPRIO, Monica
 40006, CHIARULLI, Giuseppe


Here are all results.

2010-10-022010-10-03: Italian Championship (not master)(Italy)
ILACQUA Gianlucawon againstRUSSO Luigi
ILACQUA Gianlucawon againstRUSSO Luigi
DIODATI Michelewon againstPRIVITERA Francesco
DIODATI Michelewon againstPRIVITERA Francesco
ILACQUA Gianlucawon againstDIODATI Michele
ILACQUA Gianluca32-32DIODATI Michele
ILACQUA Gianlucawon againstDIODATI Michele
PRIVITERA Francescowon againstRUSSO Luigi
ILACQUA Gianluca50-14IACAZ Sara
CAVIOLA Leonardo26-38DIODATI Michele
PRIVITERA Francesco55-9BIANCHI Simonetta
CAPRIO Monica22-42LELLA Graziano
RUSSO Luigi50-14CHIARULLI Giuseppe
LELLA Graziano4-60ILACQUA Gianluca
DIODATI Michele41-23PRIVITERA Francesco
IACAZ Sara15-49RUSSO Luigi
CHIARULLI Giuseppe24-40CAVIOLA Leonardo
BIANCHI Simonetta24-40CAPRIO Monica
ILACQUA Gianluca34-30DIODATI Michele
RUSSO Luigi13-51PRIVITERA Francesco
CAVIOLA Leonardo32-32LELLA Graziano
CAPRIO Monica31-33IACAZ Sara
CHIARULLI Giuseppe58-6BIANCHI Simonetta
BIANCHI Simonetta6-58ILACQUA Gianluca
PRIVITERA Francesco34-30CAVIOLA Leonardo
LELLA Graziano32-32RUSSO Luigi
DIODATI Michele46-18CAPRIO Monica
IACAZ Sara14-50CHIARULLI Giuseppe
ILACQUA Gianluca43-21PRIVITERA Francesco
IACAZ Sara15-49DIODATI Michele
RUSSO Luigi48-16CAPRIO Monica
CHIARULLI Giuseppe50-14LELLA Graziano
CAVIOLA Leonardo54-10BIANCHI Simonetta
ILACQUA Gianluca50-14CHIARULLI Giuseppe
DIODATI Michele47-17RUSSO Luigi
PRIVITERA Francesco35-29LELLA Graziano
CAPRIO Monica14-50CAVIOLA Leonardo
BIANCHI Simonetta46-18IACAZ Sara
RUSSO Luigi26-38ILACQUA Gianluca
CHIARULLI Giuseppe11-53DIODATI Michele
CAPRIO Monica21-43PRIVITERA Francesco
CAVIOLA Leonardo29-35IACAZ Sara
LELLA Graziano52-12BIANCHI Simonetta