LF Open (Denmark)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

     804, HUBBARD, Geoff, AUS,  6, 295
      96, VALLUND, Henrik, DK,  3, 185
    1981, STOKKE, Solrun, DK,  3, 179
    1048, JENSEN, Kim Dennis, DK,  0, 109


Here are all results.

2011-01-29: LF Open(Denmark)
JENSEN Kim Dennis21-43STOKKE Solrun
HUBBARD Geoff54-10VALLUND Henrik
VALLUND Henrik41-23JENSEN Kim Dennis
STOKKE Solrun23-41HUBBARD Geoff
JENSEN Kim Dennis14-50HUBBARD Geoff
VALLUND Henrik41-23STOKKE Solrun
STOKKE Solrun49-15JENSEN Kim Dennis
VALLUND Henrik26-38HUBBARD Geoff
JENSEN Kim Dennis20-44VALLUND Henrik
HUBBARD Geoff64-00STOKKE Solrun
HUBBARD Geoff48-16JENSEN Kim Dennis
STOKKE Solrun41-23VALLUND Henrik