24_Mito_Jishi_games (Japan)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

   6986, IZUMI, takashi, JPN, 3.0, 162
  10272, TSUCHIYA, ryosuke, JPN, 3.0, 125
  10870, NAKAMURA, keiko, JPN, 2.0, 117
  10616, SATOHISA, kazu, JPN, 1.0, 120
   6891, KATORI, mitihiro, JPN, 1.0, 116


Here are all results.

2013-05-04: 24_Mito_Jishi_games(Japan)
TSUCHIYA Ryosuke34-30SATO Hisakazu
KATORI Michihiro38-26NAKAMURA Keiko
TSUCHIYA Ryosuke39-25IZUMI Takashi
SATO Hisakazu40-24KATORI Michihiro
IZUMI Takashi40-24KATORI Michihiro
NAKAMURA Keiko34-30SATO Hisakazu
IZUMI Takashi53-11NAKAMURA Keiko
TSUCHIYA Ryosuke34-30KATORI Michihiro
IZUMI Takashi44-20SATO Hisakazu