Kuala Lumpur Othello Championship 2016 (Malaysia)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

	160100,	LAI, 	Meng Joo,			MYS,	5,	316,		2251	
	4141,	OOI,	Stanley,			MYS,	5,	233,		2068
	160000,	YAP, 	Siew Kun,			MYS,	4,	229,		1969
	250005,	GOH, 	Jun Jie Anthony,	SGP,	3.5,	206,		1884
	4127,	YAN, 	Leong Woo,			MYS,	3,	204,		1549
	160001,	NG, 	Yen Lee,			MYS,	3,	200,		1627
	160003,	YAP, 	Kok Soon,			MYS,	2.5,	198,		1567
	250141,	KER, 	Ming Han,			SGP,	2,	206,		1389


Here are all results.

2016-06-26: Kuala Lumpur Othello Championship 2016(Malaysia)
GOH Jun Jie Anthony27-37OOI Stanley
YAN Leong Woo22-42KER Ming Han
LAI Meng Joo25-39YAP Siew Kun
YAP Kok Soon17-47NG Yen Lee
KER Ming Han25-39OOI Stanley
NG Yen Lee20-44YAP Siew Kun
YAN Leong Woo37-27GOH Jun Jie Anthony
YAP Kok Soon13-51LAI Meng Joo
YAP Siew Kun33-31KER Ming Han
OOI Stanley35-29NG Yen Lee
LAI Meng Joo48-16YAN Leong Woo
GOH Jun Jie Anthony32-32YAP Kok Soon
OOI Stanley41-23YAP Siew Kun
GOH Jun Jie Anthony15-49LAI Meng Joo
NG Yen Lee19-45YAN Leong Woo
KER Ming Han36-28YAP Kok Soon
YAN Leong Woo19-45OOI Stanley
LAI Meng Joo14-50NG Yen Lee
YAP Siew Kun34-30YAP Kok Soon
GOH Jun Jie Anthony33-31KER Ming Han
YAP Kok Soon44-20OOI Stanley
YAP Siew Kun29-35YAN Leong Woo
NG Yen Lee29-35GOH Jun Jie Anthony
KER Ming Han19-45LAI Meng Joo
OOI Stanley16-48LAI Meng Joo
YAN Leong Woo30-34YAP Kok Soon
NG Yen Lee42-22KER Ming Han
GOH Jun Jie Anthony37-27YAP Siew Kun
LAI Meng Joo49-15OOI Stanley
OOI Stanley21-43LAI Meng Joo