LAI Meng Joo (Malaysia)

6 tournaments
66 results
Player ID: 160100
WOF online rating: 1926, view profile on Vint.ee

Meng Joo Lai has only 5 recorded tournaments under his belt and yet he is still among the top 10 players in this years' WOC(2019), that, if anything, should highlight his skill as a player. In his first WOC in 2014 he reached a top 15 finish!


15th place in WOC 2014 Bangkok, Thailand

15th place in WOC 2016 Mito, Japan

2019-06-16: Kuala Lumpur Othello Open(Malaysia)
YAN Leong Woo24-40LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo29-35YAP Siew Kun
HISHAM WAFI Badrul05-59LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo35-29NG Yen Lee
LAI Meng Joo47-17OOI Stanley
YAP Kok Soon25-39LAI Meng Joo
GOH Jun Jie Anthony20-44LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo43-21GOH Jun Jie Anthony
YAP Kok Soon27-37LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo47-17YAP Kok Soon
2016-11-022016-11-04: WOC 2016 (Mito)(World)
LAI Meng Joo47-17PLOWMAN Guy
DELAUNAY Arnaud46-18LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo52-12SCHOTTE Tom
LAM Maverick34-30LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo47-17DE GRAAF Jan C.
MARCONI Francesco19-45LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo34-30MAKKONEN Olli
BERG Matthias28-36LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo33-31PEIPONEN Janne
NAGANO Yasushi46-18LAI Meng Joo
EKLUND Oskar27-37LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo27-37TAKANASHI Yusuke
LAI Meng Joo25-39KOH Bo Xiang
2016-06-26: Kuala Lumpur Othello Championship 2016(Malaysia)
LAI Meng Joo25-39YAP Siew Kun
YAP Kok Soon13-51LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo48-16YAN Leong Woo
GOH Jun Jie Anthony15-49LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo14-50NG Yen Lee
KER Ming Han19-45LAI Meng Joo
OOI Stanley16-48LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo49-15OOI Stanley
OOI Stanley21-43LAI Meng Joo
2014-11-062014-11-08: WOC 2014 (Bangkok)(World)
OKAMOTO Kazuki34-30LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo54-10LEE Mikael
LAI Meng Joo33-31INTARANOP Warawut
LAI Meng Joo40-24ALBRIGTSEN Vidar
ODEGARD Martin23-41LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo23-41DELAUNAY Arnaud
TATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukiko27-37LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo52-12VINAR Matt
KOH Bo Chao Alex35-29LAI Meng Joo
HUGHES Scott17-47LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo39-25CHONG Sky
SEELEY Ben40-24LAI Meng Joo
2014-09-18: Kuala Lumpur 2014(Malaysia)
OOI Stanley29-35LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo40-24OOI Stanley
LAI Meng Joo51-13YAP Siew Kun
YAP Siew Kun25-39LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo41-23NG Yen Lee
NG Yen Lee24-40LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo50-14YAP Kok Soon
YAP Kok Soon21-43LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo49-15YAN Leong Woo
YAN Leong Woo22-42LAI Meng Joo
2014-01-162014-01-17: Othello World Cup 2014(World)
LAI Meng Joo27-37TAKANASHI Yusuke
KOH Bo Xiang34-30LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo24-40WU Jin Feng
LAI Meng Joo35-29NG Hui Wen
NG Yen Lee24-40LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo31-33VORACEK Miroslav
VINAR Matt20-44LAI Meng Joo
LAM Maverick23-41LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo33-31LEE Choon Foong
MURAKAMI Takeshi41-23LAI Meng Joo
LAI Meng Joo42-22KINOSHITA Hisako