13th Singapore Open (Singapore)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

  250065, LOW,     Wee Hao Eddie,     SGP, 6, 168
  250007, WU,      Jin Feng,          SGP, 5, 183
  250006, LEONG,   Chee Kit,          SGP, 5, 180
  250129, NGIAM,   Zhen Wei,          SGP, 5, 156
  250116, CHUA,    Woon Yang,         SGP, 4, 183
  250147, SIA,     Cheng Yong,        SGP, 4, 174
  250120, WIRAWAN, Daniel,            SGP, 4, 138
 +250163, TAN,     Chor Hian,         SGP, 4, 117
  250156, TIN,     Jun Hao,           SGP, 3.5, 111
  160003, YAP,     Kok Soon,          MAL, 3.5, 99
 +250161, CHOY,    Zheng Da,          SGP, 3, 174
 +250162, CHEAM,   Yen Kait Nicholas, SGP, 3, 120
  250115, LIM,     Xin Yi,            SGP, 3, 117
    3061, DE LEO,  Maurizio,          SGP, 2, 138
 +250160, SIOW,    Nicholas,          SGP, 1, 156
  250145, TAN,     Qiuhan,            SGP, 0, 138


Here are all results.

2016-08-20: 13th Singapore Open(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit33-31NGIAM Zhen Wei
TIN Jun Hao31-33WU Jin Feng
LOW Wee Hao Eddie33-31CHEAM Yen Kait Nicholas
CHOY Zheng Da31-33CHUA Woon Yang
LIM Xin Yi31-33DE LEO Maurizio
SIOW Nicholas31-33SIA Cheng Yong
WIRAWAN Daniel33-31TAN Qiuhan
TAN Chor Hian33-31YAP Kok Soon
SIA Cheng Yong31-33LEONG Chee Kit
WU Jin Feng33-31WIRAWAN Daniel
DE LEO Maurizio31-33LOW Wee Hao Eddie
CHUA Woon Yang33-31TAN Chor Hian
CHEAM Yen Kait Nicholas31-33LIM Xin Yi
YAP Kok Soon31-33CHOY Zheng Da
NGIAM Zhen Wei33-31SIOW Nicholas
TAN Qiuhan31-33TIN Jun Hao
LEONG Chee Kit31-33LOW Wee Hao Eddie
TAN Chor Hian31-33WU Jin Feng
TIN Jun Hao31-33CHUA Woon Yang
LIM Xin Yi31-33NGIAM Zhen Wei
CHOY Zheng Da31-33SIA Cheng Yong
WIRAWAN Daniel33-31DE LEO Maurizio
SIOW Nicholas33-31YAP Kok Soon
TAN Qiuhan31-33CHEAM Yen Kait Nicholas
WU Jin Feng33-31CHUA Woon Yang
LOW Wee Hao Eddie31-33SIA Cheng Yong
NGIAM Zhen Wei33-31WIRAWAN Daniel
LIM Xin Yi31-33LEONG Chee Kit
DE LEO Maurizio31-33TIN Jun Hao
CHEAM Yen Kait Nicholas33-31SIOW Nicholas
TAN Chor Hian31-33CHOY Zheng Da
YAP Kok Soon33-31TAN Qiuhan
LEONG Chee Kit33-31WU Jin Feng
CHUA Woon Yang31-33LOW Wee Hao Eddie
SIA Cheng Yong31-33NGIAM Zhen Wei
WIRAWAN Daniel33-31CHEAM Yen Kait Nicholas
TIN Jun Hao31-33CHOY Zheng Da
SIOW Nicholas31-33LIM Xin Yi
DE LEO Maurizio31-33YAP Kok Soon
TAN Qiuhan31-33TAN Chor Hian
LOW Wee Hao Eddie33-31WU Jin Feng
CHUA Woon Yang33-31LEONG Chee Kit
CHOY Zheng Da31-33NGIAM Zhen Wei
SIA Cheng Yong33-31WIRAWAN Daniel
YAP Kok Soon33-31LIM Xin Yi
CHEAM Yen Kait Nicholas31-33TAN Chor Hian
SIOW Nicholas31-33TIN Jun Hao
TAN Qiuhan31-33DE LEO Maurizio
NGIAM Zhen Wei31-33LOW Wee Hao Eddie
WU Jin Feng33-31SIA Cheng Yong
LEONG Chee Kit33-31CHOY Zheng Da
WIRAWAN Daniel33-31CHUA Woon Yang
TIN Jun Hao32-32YAP Kok Soon
TAN Chor Hian33-31SIOW Nicholas
DE LEO Maurizio31-33CHEAM Yen Kait Nicholas
LIM Xin Yi33-31TAN Qiuhan