Campionato Ligure 2016-2017 - 4a Tappa (Italy)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

  2855, BIANCHI, Paolo, I, 3, 153
 40098, BREGANTE, Alessio, I, 2, 98
 40117, CASTORE, Maurizio, I, 1, 73
 40096, TOMASI, Fabio, I, 0, 60


Here are all results.

2017-02-15: Campionato Ligure 2016-2017 - 4a Tappa(Italy)
TOMASI Fabio27-37BREGANTE Alessio
BIANCHI Paolo47-17CASTORE Maurizio
CASTORE Maurizio41-23TOMASI Fabio
BREGANTE Alessio12-52BIANCHI Paolo
BREGANTE Alessio49-15CASTORE Maurizio
BIANCHI Paolo54-10TOMASI Fabio