15th Singapore Open (Singapore)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

  250007, WU, Jin Feng, SGP, 6 438
  250065, LOW, Wee Hao Eddie, SGP, 5 454
  250003, KOH, Bo Chao Alex, SGP, 5 438
  250129, NGIAM, Zhen Wei, SGP, 5 437
 +250169, KWEK, Jin Xiang, SGP, 5 417
  250006, LEONG, Chee Kit, SGP, 4 420
  250120, WIRAWAN, Daniel, SGP, 4 370
  250141, KER, Ming Han, SGP, 4 368
  250119, HAMIJOYO, Kevin, SGP, 3 384
  250127, KHING, Kenneth, SGP, 3 347
 +250171, POH, Kian Hong Alvin, SGP, 3 342
  250148, WITA, Claudia Aurina, SGP, 3 308
 +250170, NG, Wei Jie, SGP, 3 300
  250117, ONG, Wei Shiuan Wilson, SGP, 2 319
  250156, TIN, Jun Hao, SGP, 2 306
  250143, LIM, Shi Xuan, SGP, 1 273
  250160, SIOW, Nicholas, SGP, 1 132


Here are all results.

2017-02-19: 15th Singapore Open(Singapore)
KOH Bo Chao Alex24-40KER Ming Han
TIN Jun Hao27-37LEONG Chee Kit
HAMIJOYO Kevin43-21WITA Claudia Aurina
ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson21-43WU Jin Feng
LOW Wee Hao Eddie48-16SIOW Nicholas
NG Wei Jie23-41WIRAWAN Daniel
NGIAM Zhen Wei33-31KWEK Jin Xiang
LIM Shi Xuan17-47KHING Kenneth
LEONG Chee Kit49-15WIRAWAN Daniel
KHING Kenneth28-36HAMIJOYO Kevin
WU Jin Feng36-28NGIAM Zhen Wei
KER Ming Han05-59LOW Wee Hao Eddie
SIOW Nicholas09-55KOH Bo Chao Alex
KWEK Jin Xiang46-18TIN Jun Hao
WITA Claudia Aurina36-28NG Wei Jie
POH Kian Hong Alvin37-27ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson
LOW Wee Hao Eddie24-40LEONG Chee Kit
HAMIJOYO Kevin43-21WU Jin Feng
KOH Bo Chao Alex39-25WITA Claudia Aurina
WIRAWAN Daniel37-27KER Ming Han
NGIAM Zhen Wei42-22LIM Shi Xuan
KHING Kenneth21-43POH Kian Hong Alvin
ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson25-39KWEK Jin Xiang
TIN Jun Hao27-37SIOW Nicholas
WU Jin Feng41-23LOW Wee Hao Eddie
KWEK Jin Xiang20-44KOH Bo Chao Alex
LEONG Chee Kit30-34NGIAM Zhen Wei
KER Ming Han30-34HAMIJOYO Kevin
NG Wei Jie46-18KHING Kenneth
WIRAWAN Daniel43-21LIM Shi Xuan
POH Kian Hong Alvin53-11TIN Jun Hao
WITA Claudia Aurina31-33ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson
KOH Bo Chao Alex31-33WU Jin Feng
HAMIJOYO Kevin28-36LOW Wee Hao Eddie
NGIAM Zhen Wei42-22WIRAWAN Daniel
LEONG Chee Kit55-09NG Wei Jie
KHING Kenneth28-36KWEK Jin Xiang
KER Ming Han29-35POH Kian Hong Alvin
TIN Jun Hao33-31ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson
LIM Shi Xuan31-33WITA Claudia Aurina
WU Jin Feng36-28LEONG Chee Kit
LOW Wee Hao Eddie37-27NGIAM Zhen Wei
POH Kian Hong Alvin31-33KOH Bo Chao Alex
KWEK Jin Xiang40-24HAMIJOYO Kevin
WIRAWAN Daniel54-10TIN Jun Hao
WITA Claudia Aurina26-38KHING Kenneth
NG Wei Jie29-35KER Ming Han
ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson36-28LIM Shi Xuan
KWEK Jin Xiang33-31WU Jin Feng
KOH Bo Chao Alex36-28LOW Wee Hao Eddie
NGIAM Zhen Wei51-13HAMIJOYO Kevin
LEONG Chee Kit41-23POH Kian Hong Alvin
KHING Kenneth20-44WIRAWAN Daniel
KER Ming Han43-21ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson
TIN Jun Hao28-36WITA Claudia Aurina
LIM Shi Xuan31-33NG Wei Jie