KWEK Jin Xiang (Singapore)

18 tournaments
127 results
Player ID: 250169
Rated 1 in Singapore and 42 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 44 in the World
Latest rating: 2295

Jin Xiang Kwek iss the #16 rated player in Singapore. He has played competitively since 2017 and exclusively played tournaments on home turf. He will be playing his first World Othello championship this year in WOC 2019 Tokyo, Japan.

2023-11-12: Singapore Open Nov 2023(Singapore)
GOH Jun Jie Anthony26-38KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang36-28KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
KWEK Jin Xiang40-24NG Jason
KOH Bo Chao Alex20-44KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang39-25SIA Cheng Yong
2022-06-19: Singapore National Championship(Singapore)
KOH Jun Kai21-43KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang52-12ONG Leonardo Ding Chao
CHEW Ching Wuen25-39KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang37-27LIN WEI HAO Roy
KOH Bo Xiang44-20KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang29-35WU Jin Feng
LEE Choon Foong33-31KWEK Jin Xiang
2020-11-29: Singapore National Othello Championship 2020(Singapore)
KWEK Jin Xiang30-34LEE Choon Foong
KWEK Jin Xiang30-34LEONG Chee Kit
LIM Chan Way27-37KWEK Jin Xiang
2019-12-08: Singapore Master Series Div A(Singapore)
KWEK Jin Xiang20-44SIA Cheng Yong
LEONG Chee Kit38-26KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang47-17GOH Jun Jie Anthony
LOW Wee Hao Eddie10-54KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang55-09LOW Kang Sheng
KOH Bo Xiang35-29KWEK Jin Xiang
KOH Bo Chao Alex35-29KWEK Jin Xiang
2019-10-092019-10-11: WOC 2019(World)
KWEK Jin Xiang49-15KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
SOHR Jaeyoung34-30KWEK Jin Xiang
CHEN Po Yun35-29KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang51-13DE GRAAF Wendy
KWEK Jin Xiang30-34BERG Matthias
CHAN Ivan22-42KWEK Jin Xiang
FU Jacky36-28KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang45-19LAUFER Shachar
MA Derek23-41KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang34-30HONGTHONG Anon
WILLIAM Joanna39-25KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang16-48HU Ying Chong
2019-09-29: 25th Singapore Open(Singapore)
MUHAMMAD Abduh29-35KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang39-25LEONG Chee Kit
GOH Jun Jie Anthony33-31KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang22-42KOH Bo Chao Alex
WIRAWAN Daniel08-56KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang32-32SIA Cheng Yong
KOH Bo Xiang55-09KWEK Jin Xiang
2019-08-24: 24th Singapore Open(Singapore)
SUTANTO Yogamurti13-51KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang43-21GOZALI RENDY Wiyogo
KWEK Jin Xiang33-31KOH Bo Chao Alex
KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry36-28KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang31-33WIRAWAN Daniel
LOW Kang Sheng29-35KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang24-40LIM Chan Way
2019-06-30: Singapore Championship(Singapore)
KOH Bo Xiang30-34KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang51-13KOH Bo Chao Alex
LEONG Chee Kit35-29KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang39-25WU Jin Feng
LOW Wee Hao Eddie22-42KWEK Jin Xiang
LEE Choon Foong41-23KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang33-31GOH Jun Jie Anthony
KWEK Jin Xiang32-32LEE Choon Foong
KWEK Jin Xiang29-35KOH Bo Xiang
2019-03-31: 23rd Singapore Open 2019(Singapore)
KWEK Jin Xiang24-40LOW Wee Hao Eddie
ONG Leonardo Ding Chao20-44KWEK Jin Xiang
GOH Jun Jie Anthony36-28KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang52-12KER Ming Han
SIA Cheng Yong31-33KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang55-09WIRAWAN Daniel
LOW Kang Sheng07-57KWEK Jin Xiang
2018-12-16: Singapore Othello Master Series (Division B)(Singapore)
KWEK Jin Xiang41-23NG Wei Jie
KWEK Jin Xiang39-25GOH Li Fan Shawn
LOW Kang Sheng25-39KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang64-00KER Ming Han
KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry41-23KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang32-32WIRAWAN Daniel
CHUA Woon Yang41-23KWEK Jin Xiang
2018-10-28: 22nd Singapore Open 2018(Singapore)
KWEK Jin Xiang36-28LEONG Chee Kit
WU Jin Feng31-33KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang17-47KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
SIA Cheng Yong19-45KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang35-29GOH Li Fan Shawn
KER Ming Han47-17KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang17-47GOH Jun Jie Anthony
2018-07-29: 21st Singapore Open 2018(Singapore)
KWEK Jin Xiang40-24SAWLANI Pushpa
WU Jin Feng32-32KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang25-39KOH Bo Chao Alex
KER Ming Han35-29KWEK Jin Xiang
GOH Jun Jie Anthony38-26KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang23-41CHUA Woon Yang
2018-03-25: 19th Singapore Open 2018(Singapore)
KWEK Jin Xiang30-34NG Wei Jie
KER Ming Han35-29KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang45-19TAN Meng Lin
LEONG Chee Kit39-25KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang25-39KHING Kenneth
KWEK Jin Xiang32-32KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
WITA Claudia Aurina22-42KWEK Jin Xiang
2018-01-21: 18th Singapore Open(Singapore)
TEO Thomas04-60KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang27-37KOH Bo Chao Alex
LOW Kang Sheng21-43KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang34-30WU Jin Feng
SIA Cheng Yong19-45KWEK Jin Xiang
KOH Bo Xiang28-36KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang41-23GOH Jun Jie Anthony
2017-12-16: Singapore Othello Master (Division B)(Singapore)
TANZIL Hermanto21-43KWEK Jin Xiang
MUHAMMAD Nur Hakim27-37KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang26-38GAN Chin Leng Jacky
KWEK Jin Xiang21-43WIRAWAN Daniel
KHING Kenneth21-43KWEK Jin Xiang
CHUA Woon Yang27-37KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang24-40KER Ming Han
2017-09-24: 17th Singapore Open 2017(Singapore)
KWEK Jin Xiang56-08CHATTORAJ Ayush
KHING Kenneth20-44KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang28-36CHUA Zi Wei
KER Ming Han34-30KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang43-21WIRAWAN Daniel
AUYOK Sean22-42KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang29-35SIA Cheng Yong
2017-07-09: Singapore National Othello Championship 2017(Singapore)
KWEK Jin Xiang53-11WONG Ci Siang
KWEK Jin Xiang14-50SONG Yan
WIRAWAN Daniel36-28KWEK Jin Xiang
YAP Kok Soon18-46KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang33-31LIM Wee Kiat
LEE Choon Foong40-24KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang27-37GAN Chin Leng Jacky
2017-02-19: 15th Singapore Open(Singapore)
NGIAM Zhen Wei33-31KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang46-18TIN Jun Hao
ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson25-39KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang20-44KOH Bo Chao Alex
KHING Kenneth28-36KWEK Jin Xiang
KWEK Jin Xiang40-24HAMIJOYO Kevin
KWEK Jin Xiang33-31WU Jin Feng