20180624 6th Beijing Open (China)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

          ID,  NAME              , COUNTRY, SCORE
        5539,  YAMAKAWA, Takashi  ,     JPN, 7.0
        7148,  HU, Yingchong      ,     CHN, 6.0
        4143,  ZHAO, Jing         ,     CHN, 6.0
      +60018,  YANG, Zailin       ,     CHN, 4.0
        7186,  JIA, Baolong       ,     CHN, 3.5
       60009,  YU, Tao            ,     CHN, 3.5
        7188,  WANG, Wei          ,     CHN, 3.0
        7223,  JI, Zihui          ,     CHN, 3.0
        7231,  MENG, Debiao       ,     CHN, 1.0
      +60019,  LI, Ling           ,     CHN, 0.0


Here are all results.

2018-06-24: 20180624 6th Beijing Open(China)
ZHAO Jing40-24YANG Zailin
WANG Wei21-43YAMAKAWA Takashi
JI Zihui39-25YU Tao
JIA Baolong15-49HU Ying Chong
LI Ling06-58MENG Debiao
MENG Debiao31-33JI Zihui
YAMAKAWA Takashi44-20ZHAO Jing
HU Ying Chong30-34WANG Wei
YANG Zailin44-20JIA Baolong
YU Tao52-12LI Ling
JI Zihui11-53YAMAKAWA Takashi
HU Ying Chong37-27YANG Zailin
WANG Wei39-25MENG Debiao
ZHAO Jing41-23YU Tao
JIA Baolong62-02LI Ling
YAMAKAWA Takashi33-31HU Ying Chong
ZHAO Jing33-31WANG Wei
LI Ling00-64JI Zihui
YANG Zailin37-27MENG Debiao
YU Tao32-32JIA Baolong
YANG Zailin26-38YAMAKAWA Takashi
JI Zihui19-45ZHAO Jing
WANG Wei29-35JIA Baolong
HU Ying Chong61-03LI Ling
MENG Debiao22-42YU Tao
YAMAKAWA Takashi56-08MENG Debiao
ZHAO Jing02-62HU Ying Chong
JIA Baolong56-08JI Zihui
YU Tao25-39YANG Zailin
LI Ling00-64WANG Wei
JIA Baolong27-37YAMAKAWA Takashi
JI Zihui21-43HU Ying Chong
MENG Debiao19-45ZHAO Jing
WANG Wei23-41YU Tao
YANG Zailin64-00LI Ling
YANG Zailin24-40YAMAKAWA Takashi
ZHAO Jing42-22HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong45-19YANG Zailin
ZHAO Jing26-38YAMAKAWA Takashi