Singapore open 07/23 (Singapore)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

  250005, GOH, Jun Jie Anthony, SGP,  5.5, 230, 1859
    4138, LEE, Choon Foong, SGP,  4, 248, 2007
  250008, LIN, Wei Hao Roy, SGP,  4, 194, 1862
  250001, KOH, Bo Xiang, SGP,  4, 230, 2237
  250147, SIA, Cheng Yong, SGP,  4, 212, 1943
   11321, TAKASAKI, Yutaro, JPN,  3.5, 204, 1963
  250120, WIRAWAN, Daniel, SGP,  3, 197, 1791
  250003, KOH, Bo Chao Alex, SGP,  3, 183, 2166
  250293, KOH, Ding Sheng Calvin, SGP,  3, 206, 1490
  250203, HO, Randall, SGP,  3, 201, 1309
  250174, KURNIAWAN, Samuel Henry, SGP,  3, 191, 1703
  250129, NGIAM, Zhen Wei, SGP,  3, 181, 1937
 +250297, LOH, Wai Yin, SGP,  2, 167, 0
  250009, ONG, Wei Kok Jason, SGP,  2, 152, 1670
  250288, TAN, Ryan, SGP,  1, 153, 1481
 +250298, LEE, Ci Hui, SGP,  0, 123, 0


Here are all results.

2023-07-16: Singapore open 07/23(Singapore)
TAN Ryan23-41SIA Cheng Yong
KOH Bo Chao Alex35-29TAKASAKI Yutaro
KOH Bo Xiang17-47WIRAWAN Daniel
LEE Ci Hui09-55LEE Choon Foong
ONG WEI KOK Jason31-33GOH Jun Jie Anthony
NGIAM Zhen Wei27-37HO Randall
LOH Wai Yin38-26KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
WIRAWAN Daniel32-32GOH Jun Jie Anthony
LEE Choon Foong52-12KOH Bo Chao Alex
KOH DING SHENG Calvin44-20LEE Ci Hui
HO Randall28-36LIN WEI HAO Roy
SIA Cheng Yong37-27LOH Wai Yin
KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry40-24ONG WEI KOK Jason
TAKASAKI Yutaro44-20TAN Ryan
KOH Bo Xiang25-39NGIAM Zhen Wei
LOH Wai Yin15-49TAKASAKI Yutaro
HO Randall26-38KOH DING SHENG Calvin
NGIAM Zhen Wei33-31KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
KOH Bo Chao Alex47-17WIRAWAN Daniel
ONG WEI KOK Jason07-57KOH Bo Xiang
LIN WEI HAO Roy45-19SIA Cheng Yong
GOH Jun Jie Anthony38-26LEE Choon Foong
TAN Ryan36-28LEE Ci Hui
LEE Choon Foong39-25NGIAM Zhen Wei
SIA Cheng Yong31-33TAKASAKI Yutaro
KOH DING SHENG Calvin29-35KOH Bo Chao Alex
KOH Bo Xiang47-17TAN Ryan
WIRAWAN Daniel43-21LOH Wai Yin
GOH Jun Jie Anthony40-24LIN WEI HAO Roy
LEE Ci Hui22-42ONG WEI KOK Jason
KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry33-31HO Randall
KOH Bo Chao Alex24-40GOH Jun Jie Anthony
TAKASAKI Yutaro32-32WIRAWAN Daniel
ONG WEI KOK Jason14-50SIA Cheng Yong
KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry19-45KOH Bo Xiang
TAN Ryan27-37HO Randall
NGIAM Zhen Wei17-47KOH DING SHENG Calvin
LOH Wai Yin44-20LEE Ci Hui
LIN WEI HAO Roy13-51LEE Choon Foong
ONG WEI KOK Jason34-30TAN Ryan
LEE Ci Hui24-40NGIAM Zhen Wei
LEE Choon Foong25-39KOH Bo Xiang
HO Randall42-22LOH Wai Yin
GOH Jun Jie Anthony47-17TAKASAKI Yutaro
KOH DING SHENG Calvin22-42KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
SIA Cheng Yong34-30KOH Bo Chao Alex