ONODA Katsuo (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 小野田勝夫
13 tournaments
72 results
Player ID: 10264
Rated T742 in Japan and T878 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T1121 in the World
Latest rating: 1491
2019-09-15: 13_Shizuoka_open(Japan)
ISHIGAMI Etsuo41-23ONODA Katsuo
YUKA Takaaki42-22ONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuo54-10HASEGAWA Toshi
IWASAKI Masaaki51-13ONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuo38-26FUJITA Koichi
ONODA Katsuo45-19ABE Yoichi
ONODA Katsuo41-23KURITA Huzio
2019-04-25: 30_Shizuoka_Festival_13_Shizuoka_open(Japan)
KURITA Huzio51-13ONODA Katsuo
ISHIGAMI Etsuo33-31ONODA Katsuo
HASEGAWA Toshi49-15ONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuo49-15ABE Yoichi
SANO Hirotaka47-17ONODA Katsuo
2018-09-16: 12_Shizuoka_open(Japan)
SUGIYAMA Mitsuaki55-09ONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuo43-21MAKITA Shoichi
IWASAKI Masaaki49-15ONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuo54-10ABE Yoichi
SUGIYAMA Akemi45-19ONODA Katsuo
HASEGAWA Toshi49-15ONODA Katsuo
2018-04-21: 29_Shizuoka_festival(Japan)
ENOMOTO Hiroyuki56-08ONODA Katsuo
YUKA Takaaki39-25ONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuo37-27KAWATA Tetsu
ONODA Katsuo46-18ABE Yoichi
ONODA Katsuo39-25KURITA Huzio
ONODA Katsuo43-21MAEZIMA Tomiko
2017-09-17: 11_Shizuoka_open(Japan)
ONODA Katsuo34-30HASEGAWA Toshi
YUKA Takaaki40-24ONODA Katsuo
SUGIYAMA Akemi49-15ONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuo46-18ABE Yoichi
ONODA Katsuo50-14MAKITA Shoichi
2017-04-22: 28_Shizuoka_festival(Japan)
ONODA Katsuo40-24OKABE Michiaki
ONODA Katsuo52-12KAWATA Tetsu
FUJITA Koichi40-24ONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuo57-07HASEGAWA Toshi
SUGIYAMA Akemi39-25ONODA Katsuo
2016-09-18: 10_Shizuoka_open(Japan)
SATO Masuo34-30ONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuo39-25ABE Yoichi
ONODA Katsuo54-10HASEGAWA Toshi
ONODA Katsuo40-24FUJITA Koichi
YUKA Takaaki41-23ONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuo47-17KURITA Huzio
2016-04-09: Shizuoka_championship_2016(Japan)
SATO Masuo61-03ONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuo40-24MAEZIMA Tomiko
ONODA Katsuo44-20TAKADA Ryuji
KURITA Huzio49-15ONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuo33-31YUKA Takaaki
2014-01-19: new_year_conference(Japan)
ONODA Katsuo46-18OKABE Michiaki
ARAKI Yasuyuki54-10ONODA Katsuo
KURITA Huzio42-22ONODA Katsuo
KAWATA Tetsu33-31ONODA Katsuo
YOSHINO Nobuko45-19ONODA Katsuo
2013-05-18: 24_festival_othello_conf(Japan)
ONODA Katsuo57-07IIJIMA Shuichi
ONODA Katsuo46-18KURITA Huzio
YUKA Takaaki43-21ONODA Katsuo
YOSHINO Nobuko38-26ONODA Katsuo
FUJITA Koichi38-26ONODA Katsuo
2012-09-16: 4_Silver_tournament(Japan)
SUGIYAMA Mitsuaki48-16ONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuo36-28HASEGAWA Toshi
ONODA Katsuo33-31TAKEDA Hajime
MAEZIMA Tomiko45-19ONODA Katsuo
YOSHINO Nobuko47-17ONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuo48-16OKABE Michiaki
2012-05-19: 23_festival_Othello_conf(Japan)
ONODA Katsuo50-14FUJITA Koichi
ONODA Katsuo49-15KURITA Huzio
YUKA Takaaki39-25ONODA Katsuo
MAEZIMA Tomiko33-31ONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuo48-16OTA Tokiko
2008-05-25: 2008 Shizuoka Open(Japan)
SUGIYAMA Mitsuakilost toONODA Katsuo
YOSHINO Nobukolost toONODA Katsuo
SHIMONOSONO Kozowon againstONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuolost toSUZUKI Toyoharu
KURITA Huziowon againstONODA Katsuo
ONODA Katsuowon againstHIROYUKI Shoichi