HARA Sousuke (Japan)Japanese name(s): 原壮輔
14 tournaments
90 results
Rated 589 in Japan and 702 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 863 in the World
Latest rating: 1668
2018-11-18: 98_Q_league(Japan)
NAKAMURA Sou41-23HARA Sousuke
ICHIKI Haruki52-12HARA Sousuke
HARA Sousuke33-31HAMADA Naoki
TAKANAGA Tokio35-29HARA Sousuke
HARA Sousuke42-22KUWAHARA Yoshiteru
HARA Sousuke35-29KIMURA Junji
HARA Sousuke34-30KIMURA Haruke
2018-07-15: 46_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
MATSUMOTO Makotowon againstHARA Sousuke
YOSHIDA Taisakuwon againstHARA Sousuke
HARA Sousukewon againstTANIGUCHI Masaki
YABE Umawon againstHARA Sousuke
ARAKI Yuwon againstHARA Sousuke
HARA Sousukewon againstKASAI Yuta
2018-07-08: 95_Q_league(Japan)
HARA Sousuke41-23TAMURA Saneaki
HIRASHIMA Naoki38-26HARA Sousuke
NAKANO Isamu42-22HARA Sousuke
HARA Sousuke34-30KUWAHARA Yoshiteru
HARA Sousuke36-28KURACHI Ayata
2018-06-10: 46_All_Japan_Kyushu_prelim(Japan)
NAKANO Isamu40-24HARA Sousuke
HARA Sousuke64-00MOCHIZUKI Hideki
UCHIDA Yuichi45-19HARA Sousuke
OISHI Hiroki35-29HARA Sousuke
HARA Sousuke37-27NAKAGAWA Haruto
YAMASHITA Yuya38-26HARA Sousuke
2018-05-06: 94_Q_league(Japan)
HARA Sousuke58-06SHIMOKAWA Atsuji
HARA Sousuke46-18UENO Hideki
HARA Sousuke36-28KOGA Kensei
HARA Sousuke42-22KIMURA Haruke
HARA Sousuke51-13FUKUI Osa
HARA Sousuke53-11NAKANO Shou
TAMURA Saneaki34-30HARA Sousuke
2018-04-29: 93_Q_league(Japan)
KIMURA Haruke33-31HARA Sousuke
HARA Sousuke51-13KUWAHARA Yoshiteru
TAMURA Saneaki35-29HARA Sousuke
HARA Sousuke48-16HIRASHIMA Naoki
HARA Sousuke40-24MITSUKAWA Yoshikuni
HARA Sousuke47-17ESAKI Kazuhiro
HIYOSHI Ryouta32-32HARA Sousuke
2018-03-18: 39_Meijin(Japan)
UMEZAWA Yoshinoriwon againstHARA Sousuke
UNO Toshihirowon againstHARA Sousuke
TOMI Kazukowon againstHARA Sousuke
HARA Sousukewon againstIZUMI Shinya
HARA Sousukewon againstIZURA Daisei
GO Shinuwon againstHARA Sousuke
TAKIGAWA Mitsuakiwon againstHARA Sousuke
2018-03-04: 92_Q_league(Japan)
HARA Sousuke49-15UENO Hideki
HARA Sousuke47-17NAKAGAWA Haruto
HARA Sousuke37-27KOGA Kensei
HARA Sousuke44-20OHATA Eitoku
NAKANO Shou35-29HARA Sousuke
FUKUI Osa34-30HARA Sousuke
HARA Sousuke41-23KOGA Tetsuta
2018-02-18: 91_Q_league(Japan)
MITSUKAWA Yoshikuni37-27HARA Sousuke
HARA Sousuke48-16NAKAGAWA Yumiko
KIMURA Haruke55-09HARA Sousuke
TAMURA Saneaki35-29HARA Sousuke
HARA Sousuke34-30HIRASHIMA Naoki
NAKANO Isamu44-20HARA Sousuke
KUWAHARA Yoshiteru33-31HARA Sousuke
2018-01-14: 2018_Kyushu_expert_games(Japan)
HARA Sousuke34-30SUZUKI Kiyo
NAKAMURA Sou50-14HARA Sousuke
HARA Sousuke49-15NAKAGAWA Haruto
KUROGI Yuta59-05HARA Sousuke
HARA Sousuke33-31NAKAGAWA Haruto
HARA Sousuke38-26NISHIBA Kenta
2017-12-03: 56_Nagoya_open(Japan)
HARA Sousuke41-23ONO Hideki
SOBASHIMA Ooji38-26HARA Sousuke
HARA Sousuke35-29WATANABE Osuke
ESAKI Seiji47-17HARA Sousuke
KATOKO Isamu52-12HARA Sousuke
TAGUCHI Amane55-09HARA Sousuke
2017-10-28: 30_Suzuka_open(Japan)
HARA Sousuke61-03FUKUDA Shion
MIYASATO Shiyoko37-27HARA Sousuke
NAGASHIMA Yoshitaka48-16HARA Sousuke
NISHII Kensuke37-27HARA Sousuke
HARA Sousuke33-31TOKUDA Jun
HARA Sousuke42-22NISHII Kensuke
2017-09-23: 55_Nagoya_open(Japan)
HARA Sousuke42-22ONO Hideki
NAGASHIMA Yoshitaka47-17HARA Sousuke
HARA Sousuke38-26ESAKI Seiji
HARA Sousuke32-32TAGUCHI Amane
HARA Sousuke35-29KATOKO Isamu
SOBASHIMA Ooji43-21HARA Sousuke
2017-09-03: 40_Inuyama_open(Japan)
SUZURIKAWA Shunsei58-06HARA Sousuke
YAMANAKA Yukihiro61-03HARA Sousuke
WAKITA Kengo47-17HARA Sousuke
TOKUDA Naoya39-25HARA Sousuke
KATOKO Isamu37-27HARA Sousuke
OHIRA Takuhiro49-15HARA Sousuke
WAKITA Kengo41-23HARA Sousuke