KONG Peter (Hong-Kong)

4 tournaments
27 results
Player ID: 170055
Rated 15 in Hong-Kong and T767 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T931 in the World
Latest rating: 1683
WOF online rating: 1650, view profile on Vint.ee
2018-06-02: 2018 Hong Kong Othello Championships(Hong-Kong)
KONG Peter39-25CHOW Tsun Hong
MADRONA Mario31-33KONG Peter
KONG Peter20-44YANG Kelvin
STEENTOFT Benkt47-17KONG Peter
KONG Peter57-07LAU Kin Chung
HUI Chun Kit44-20KONG Peter
KONG Peter44-20WONG Pak Wing
2017-07-16: Hong Kong Othello Championship 2017(Hong-Kong)
TSOI Chun Yip46-18KONG Peter
KONG Peter21-43DONG Zhen
WONG Ka Ho26-38KONG Peter
KONG Peter15-49MAK Wai Tung
MAK Weng Fat18-46KONG Peter
KONG Peter03-61LI Chun Wan
2016-10-30: 14th Singapore Open(Singapore)
KONG Peter20-44WITA Claudia Aurina
SIOW Nicholas17-47KONG Peter
KONG Peter27-37KER Ming Han
KONG Peter36-28ANTONY Tommy
SIA Cheng Yong55-09KONG Peter
CHEAM Yen Kait Nicholas16-48KONG Peter
KONG Peter16-48LIM Xin Yi
2016-06-19: 2016 Hong Kong Othello Championships(Hong-Kong)
KONG Peter22-42LI Chun Wan
WEN Zeshun22-42KONG Peter
KONG Peter33-31LUM Lok Pui Vincent
LAM Maverick31-33KONG Peter
YANG Kelvin57-07KONG Peter
KONG Peter09-55SONG Yan
KONG Peter22-42MA Derek