14th Singapore Open (Singapore)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

  250001, KOH,      Bo Xiang,          SGP, 7, 483
  250003, KOH,      Bo Chao Alex,      SGP, 5, 458
  250116, CHUA,     Woon Yang,         SGP, 5, 417
  250006, LEONG,    Chee Kit,          SGP, 5, 408
  250119, HAMIJOYO, Kevin,             SGP, 5, 395
  250120, WIRAWAN,  Daniel,            SGP, 4.5, 403
  250141, KER,      Ming Han,          SGP, 4.5, 382
  250103, MUHAMMAD, Nur Hakim,         SGP, 4, 429
  250065, LOW,      Wee Hao Eddie,     SGP, 4, 399
    4131, CHEW,     Ching Wuen,        SGP, 4, 398
 +250168, LIEW,     Gary,              SGP, 4, 347
  250127, KHING,    Kenneth,           SGP, 3, 417
  250133, TANZIL,   Hermanto,          SGP, 3, 372
  250147, SIA,      Cheng Yong,        SGP, 3, 360
  250115, LIM,      Xin Yi,            SGP, 3, 329
 +250162, CHEAM,    Yen Kait Nicholas, SGP, 3, 316
  170055, LAI,      Meng Joo,          MAL, 3, 314
  250005, GOH,      Jun Jie Anthony,   SGP, 3, 365
  250156, TIN,      Jun Hao,           SGP, 3, 299
  250148, WITA,     Claudia Aurina,    SGP, 2, 318
  250149, GOZALI,   Rendy Wiyogo,      SGP, 2, 312
 +250165, ANTONY,   Tommy,             SGP, 1, 294
 +250160, SIOW,     Nicholas,          SGP, 1, 139
 +250167, LIM,      Zhi Teng,          SGP, 0, 44
 +250166, ZHANG,    Cheng Jia,         SGP, 0, 29


Here are all results.

2016-10-30: 14th Singapore Open(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit49-15SIOW Nicholas
ZHANG Cheng Jia05-59LOW Wee Hao Eddie
MUHAMMAD Nur Hakim44-20LIM Zhi Teng
SIA Cheng Yong21-43CHEAM Yen Kait Nicholas
TANZIL Hermanto16-48WIRAWAN Daniel
KHING Kenneth46-18CHEW Ching Wuen
KOH Bo Xiang37-27CHUA Woon Yang
KOH Bo Chao Alex50-14LIM Xin Yi
KONG Peter20-44WITA Claudia Aurina
HAMIJOYO Kevin34-30TIN Jun Hao
GOH Jun Jie Anthony30-34KER Ming Han
WITA Claudia Aurina26-38LEONG Chee Kit
LOW Wee Hao Eddie30-34HAMIJOYO Kevin
KER Ming Han13-51MUHAMMAD Nur Hakim
CHEAM Yen Kait Nicholas14-50KHING Kenneth
WIRAWAN Daniel22-42KOH Bo Xiang
LIEW Gary21-43KOH Bo Chao Alex
CHEW Ching Wuen59-05GOZALI RENDY Wiyogo
CHUA Woon Yang41-23TANZIL Hermanto
ANTONY Tommy21-43LIM Xin Yi
SIOW Nicholas17-47KONG Peter
TIN Jun Hao24-40SIA Cheng Yong
LEONG Chee Kit24-40KOH Bo Chao Alex
KOH Bo Xiang39-25KHING Kenneth
WIRAWAN Daniel37-27LOW Wee Hao Eddie
GOZALI RENDY Wiyogo22-42CHEAM Yen Kait Nicholas
LIM Xin Yi21-43CHEW Ching Wuen
WITA Claudia Aurina25-39GOH Jun Jie Anthony
KONG Peter27-37KER Ming Han
SIA Cheng Yong21-43LIEW Gary
ANTONY Tommy22-42CHUA Woon Yang
TANZIL Hermanto35-29SIOW Nicholas
KOH Bo Chao Alex45-19MUHAMMAD Nur Hakim
CHEAM Yen Kait Nicholas12-52KOH Bo Xiang
KHING Kenneth31-33LEONG Chee Kit
CHEW Ching Wuen31-33WIRAWAN Daniel
HAMIJOYO Kevin34-30GOH Jun Jie Anthony
KER Ming Han29-35CHUA Woon Yang
LIEW Gary24-40TANZIL Hermanto
LOW Wee Hao Eddie36-28GOZALI RENDY Wiyogo
TIN Jun Hao41-23WITA Claudia Aurina
LIM Xin Yi17-47SIA Cheng Yong
KONG Peter36-28ANTONY Tommy
KOH Bo Xiang42-22KOH Bo Chao Alex
LEONG Chee Kit38-26HAMIJOYO Kevin
CHUA Woon Yang54-10MUHAMMAD Nur Hakim
WIRAWAN Daniel32-32KER Ming Han
KHING Kenneth31-33LOW Wee Hao Eddie
GOH Jun Jie Anthony53-11CHEAM Yen Kait Nicholas
TANZIL Hermanto47-17TIN Jun Hao
CHEW Ching Wuen43-21LIEW Gary
SIA Cheng Yong55-09KONG Peter
GOZALI RENDY Wiyogo31-33LIM Xin Yi
WITA Claudia Aurina48-16ANTONY Tommy
LEONG Chee Kit21-43KOH Bo Xiang
KOH Bo Chao Alex30-34CHUA Woon Yang
MUHAMMAD Nur Hakim43-21WIRAWAN Daniel
LOW Wee Hao Eddie36-28SIA Cheng Yong
HAMIJOYO Kevin33-31TANZIL Hermanto
GOH Jun Jie Anthony26-38CHEW Ching Wuen
KER Ming Han48-16GOZALI RENDY Wiyogo
CHEAM Yen Kait Nicholas16-48KONG Peter
LIEW Gary57-07WITA Claudia Aurina
LIM Xin Yi30-34TIN Jun Hao
ANTONY Tommy19-45KHING Kenneth
KOH Bo Xiang51-13LOW Wee Hao Eddie
CHUA Woon Yang07-57HAMIJOYO Kevin
MUHAMMAD Nur Hakim27-37LEONG Chee Kit
CHEW Ching Wuen25-39KOH Bo Chao Alex
WIRAWAN Daniel36-28GOH Jun Jie Anthony
WITA Claudia Aurina13-51KER Ming Han
KHING Kenneth24-40LIEW Gary
TANZIL Hermanto27-37CHEAM Yen Kait Nicholas
KONG Peter16-48LIM Xin Yi
SIA Cheng Yong22-42GOZALI RENDY Wiyogo
TIN Jun Hao30-34ANTONY Tommy