Hong Kong Othello Championship 2017 (Hong-Kong)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

    4139, LI, Chun Wan, HKG,  6, 294
    6405, MA, Derek, HKG,  6, 269
    7107, DONG, Zhen, CHN,  5, 269
    4076, TSOI, Chun Yip, HKG,  5, 287
    4000, MAK, Wai Tung, HKG,  4, 275
  170003, YANG, Kelvin, HKG,  4, 254
  170009, YUNG YUK, Wa, HKG,  3, 202
 +170055, KONG, Peter, HKG,  3, 181
  170040, WONG, Paul, HKG,  3, 172
 +170057, HON, Otto, HKG,  2, 194
 +170058, MAK Weng, Fat, HKG,  1, 123


Here are all results.

2017-07-16: Hong Kong Othello Championship 2017(Hong-Kong)
TSOI Chun Yip46-18KONG Peter
LI Chun Wan55-09HON Otto
MA Derek54-10WONG Ka Ho
MAK Wai Tung50-14YUNG Yuk Wa
YANG Kelvin18-46DONG Zhen
MAK Weng Fat04-60TSOI Chun Yip
YUNG Yuk Wa11-53YANG Kelvin
MAK Wai Tung27-37MA Derek
DONG Zhen31-33LI Chun Wan
WONG Ka Ho41-23HON Otto
YANG Kelvin53-11WONG Ka Ho
KONG Peter21-43DONG Zhen
HON Otto53-11MAK Weng Fat
LI Chun Wan47-17MAK Wai Tung
TSOI Chun Yip51-13MA Derek
MAK Weng Fat03-61MAK Wai Tung
WONG Ka Ho26-38KONG Peter
TSOI Chun Yip26-38LI Chun Wan
MA Derek33-31YANG Kelvin
DONG Zhen41-23YUNG Yuk Wa
HON Otto25-39YANG Kelvin
DONG Zhen37-27TSOI Chun Yip
LI Chun Wan16-48MA Derek
YUNG Yuk Wa42-22MAK Weng Fat
KONG Peter15-49MAK Wai Tung
WONG Ka Ho05-59YUNG Yuk Wa
MAK Weng Fat18-46KONG Peter
MA Derek33-31DONG Zhen
YANG Kelvin20-44LI Chun Wan
MAK Wai Tung47-17HON Otto
HON Otto27-37TSOI Chun Yip
KONG Peter03-61LI Chun Wan
MAK Weng Fat25-39WONG Ka Ho
YUNG Yuk Wa13-51MA Derek
DONG Zhen40-24MAK Wai Tung
DONG Zhen32-32MA Derek
LI Chun Wan31-33TSOI Chun Yip
MA Derek23-41TSOI Chun Yip
LI Chun Wan38-26DONG Zhen