BRAND Richard (Great-Britain)

13 tournaments
102 results
Player ID: 2341
Rated 10 in Great-Britain and 186 in Europe and T1029 in the World
Latest rating: 1582
2018-12-01: Cambridge Christmas Tournament 2018(Great-Britain)
PLOWMAN Anyalost toBRAND Richard
BRAND Richardlost toPLOWMAN Guy
BRAND Richardwon againstPLOWMAN Sophie
BRAND Richardwon againstPLOWMAN Mark
KINGSHOTT Emilylost toBRAND Richard
LEADER Imrewon againstBRAND Richard
BRAND Lucylost toBRAND Richard
2018-06-16: Oxfordshire Regional 2018(Great-Britain)
BRAND Richard29-35PLOWMAN Luke
PLOWMAN Sophie17-47BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard44-20RICHENS Julian
PLOWMAN Anya09-55BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard16-48PLOWMAN Guy
PLOWMAN Sarah11-53BRAND Richard
2018-05-19: Hampshire Regional 2018(Great-Britain)
BRAND Lucy17-47BRAND Richard
LEADER Imre43-21BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard64-00GAMBLE Daniel
BRAND Richard35-29RICHENS Julian
PLOWMAN Guy35-29BRAND Richard
PLOWMAN Mark09-55BRAND Richard
2018-02-172018-02-18: EGP Cambridge(Great-Britain)
BRAND Richard27-37SNEEK Marcel
PLOWMAN Guy47-17BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard54-10TASTET Sophie
JORDAN David18-46BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard00-64DE GRAAF Jan C.
JOHANSSON Erik44-20BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard34-30JORDAN Yvette
WIDMAN Linnea11-53BRAND Richard
MURAWSKI Stefan38-26BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard43-21TASTET Remi
ROSSLER Daniel64-00BRAND Richard
2017-05-20: Hampshire Regional(Great-Britain)
BRAND Sophie26-38BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard45-19PLOWMAN Jessie
BRAND James16-48BRAND Richard
LEADER Imre45-19BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard17-47PLOWMAN Guy
BRAND Richard51-13PLOWMAN Mark
2017-03-04: Oxford regional(Great-Britain)
BRAND James12-52BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard49-15PLOWMAN Anya
LEADER Imre42-22BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard07-57PLOWMAN Guy
BRAND Richard39-25PLOWMAN Mark
BRAND Henry07-57BRAND Richard
ARNOLD Roy52-12BRAND Richard
2016-12-10: Cambridge Christmas/friendly(Great-Britain)
BRAND Richard53-11BRAND Lucy
PLOWMAN Guy54-10BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard54-10ARNOLD Roy
BRAND Henry10-54BRAND Richard
LEADER Imre45-19BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard30-34PRIDMORE Ben
PLOWMAN Luke30-34BRAND Richard
2016-05-14: Hampshire Regional(Great-Britain)
BRAND Richard64-00BRAND Sophie
PLOWMAN Guy63-01BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard64-00BRAND Henry
ARNOLD Roy15-49BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard52-12PLOWMAN Luke
LEADER Imre57-07BRAND Richard
BARRASS Iain62-02BRAND Richard
2016-04-16: Oxford regional(Great-Britain)
BRAND Richard55-09BRAND Henry
BARRASS Iain37-27BRAND Richard
PLOWMAN Jessie14-50BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard48-16PLOWMAN Mark
PLOWMAN Guy48-16BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard13-51LEADER Imre
BRAND Richard38-26ARNOLD Roy
2016-02-272016-02-28: EGP Cambridge 2016(Great-Britain)
BRAND Richard19-45TASTET Marc
PLOWMAN Jessie00-64BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard06-58LEADER Imre
PLOWMAN Guy44-20BRAND Richard
BRAND Lucy24-40BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard29-35PLOWMAN Luke
BRAND Richard46-18BRAND Sophie
HOBO Roel53-11BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard55-09BRAND Henry
BRAND Richard08-56BRIGHTWELL Graham
2015-09-272015-09-28: 2015 British Championship(Great-Britain)
BRAND Richard11-53HAND David
PLOWMAN Jessie14-50BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard49-15BRAND Sophie
DEXTER Helen44-20BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard18-46ARNOLD Roy
PLOWMAN Mark27-37BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard20-44FEINSTEIN Joel
BRAND Lucy03-61BRAND Richard
2015-02-282015-03-01: Cambridge Open(Great-Britain)
BRAND Richard34-30BRAND James
BRAND Sophie12-52BRAND Richard
PLOWMAN Guy47-17BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard12-52LEADER Imre
MARSON Phil43-21BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard54-10PLOWMAN Luke
LI Chenying06-58BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard31-33BERG Matthias
STANZIONE Pierluigi46-18BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard34-30PLOWMAN Mark
BRAND Richard41-23BRAND Lucy
2014-09-06: British Championships 2014(Great-Britain)
PLOWMAN Guy27-37BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard56-08ARNOLD Roy
STANZIONE Pierluigi63-01BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard30-34LIGHTMAN Marie
BARRASS Iain55-09BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard55-09BRAND Sophie
BRAND Lucy14-50BRAND Richard
BRAND Richard27-37PRIDMORE Ben
BRAND Richard62-02BRAND Henry