TSYKIN Konstantin (Russia)

5 tournaments
38 results
Player ID: 320030
Rated 15 in Russia and T199 in Europe and T1088 in the World
Latest rating: 1521
2018-10-20: Saint-Petersburg Open 2018(Russia)
MARYANIN Vadim32-32TSYKIN Konstantin
TSYKIN Konstantin30-34PAVLISHIN Alexey
SANOTSKIY Anton36-28TSYKIN Konstantin
TSYKIN Konstantin49-15POPOV Alexey
TSYKIN Konstantin44-20MORKOTUN Alexandr
LIVANOV Roman55-09TSYKIN Konstantin
TSYKIN Konstantin39-25BOGDANOVA Elena
2017-10-14: Saint Petersburg Open 2017(Russia)
TSYKIN Konstantin43-21MARYANIN Vadim
GUTOROV Ivan27-37TSYKIN Konstantin
TSYKIN Konstantin41-23SARASKINA Elena
AVERKOV Denis18-46TSYKIN Konstantin
TSYKIN Konstantin33-31LIVANOV Roman
PAVLISHIN Alexey18-46TSYKIN Konstantin
2016-04-092016-04-10: EGP Saint Petersburg 2016(Russia)
PUZZO Luigiwon againstTSYKIN Konstantin
TSYKIN Konstantinwon againstPEREL'MAN Andrey
TSYKIN Konstantinwon againstSHIFMAN Ilya
ATAMANOV Dmitriywon againstTSYKIN Konstantin
TSYKIN Konstantinwon againstKHIVCOVA Veronika
SCHOTTE Tomwon againstTSYKIN Konstantin
TSYKIN Konstantinwon againstSANOTSKIY Anton
TSYKIN Konstantinwon againstSHIFMAN Leonid
TSYKIN Konstantinwon againstDUBOV Alexey
KOBZEV Vyacheslavwon againstTSYKIN Konstantin
KOBZEV Vyacheslavwon againstTSYKIN Konstantin
2013-09-14: St. Peterburg open(Russia)
DUBOV Tikhon38-26TSYKIN Konstantin
SANOTSKIY Anton36-28TSYKIN Konstantin
TSYKIN Konstantin40-24TKACHENKO Anton
TSYKIN Konstantin46-18KUKLIN Anton
BOGDANOVA Elena39-25TSYKIN Konstantin
TSYKIN Konstantin33-31PAVLISHIN Alexey
TSYKIN Konstantin39-25ATAMANOV Dmitriy
2009-04-05: 3st RFO tournament, St.-Petersburg , April 2009(Russia)
TSYKIN Konstantin47-17DUBOV Tikhon
GUTOROV Ivan41-23TSYKIN Konstantin
BALUEV Andrey47-17TSYKIN Konstantin
SHUBYAKOVA Irina34-30TSYKIN Konstantin
TSYKIN Konstantin38-26BOGDANOVA Elena
TSYKIN Konstantin44-20AVERKOV Denis
TSYKIN Konstantin34-30KUZNECOV Vitaly