GHOSH Partha Sarathi (India)

6 tournaments
40 results
Player ID: 350017
Rated 16 in India and 619 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 886 in the World
Latest rating: 930
2023-03-18: Kolkata Othello Championship(India)
PAUL Tuhin33-31GHOSH Partha Sarathi
GHOSH Partha Sarathi44-20DAS Indradev
NANDY Sourav19-45GHOSH Partha Sarathi
GHOSH Partha Sarathi03-61SHARMA Anirudh
SINGHA Indrajit25-39GHOSH Partha Sarathi
2022-03-05: Kolkata Championship 2022(India)
GHOSH Partha Sarathi14-50SHARMA Anirudh
GHOSH Partha Sarathi14-50ROY Jesica
DAS Indradev17-47GHOSH Partha Sarathi
DUTTA Abhijit26-38GHOSH Partha Sarathi
GHOSH Partha Sarathi32-32DAS Sanjit
NANDY Sourav54-10GHOSH Partha Sarathi
ROY Amar52-12GHOSH Partha Sarathi
2021-03-07: Kolkata Othello Championship 2021(India)
GHOSH Partha Sarathi34-30MITRA Subhadip
GHOSH Partha Sarathi46-18DUTTA Abhijit
AGARWAL Sumit28-36GHOSH Partha Sarathi
GHOSH Partha Sarathi28-36ROY Amar
PAUL Tuhin40-24GHOSH Partha Sarathi
GHOSH Partha Sarathi20-44HALDER Goutam
2017-12-24: Indian Othello Championship 2017(India)
GHOSH Partha Sarathi37-27KAMESH Hridayesh
PANIGRAHI Somnath60-04GHOSH Partha Sarathi
ROY Amar44-20GHOSH Partha Sarathi
GHOSH Partha Sarathi45-19CHANDRA Debojyoti
GHOSH Partha Sarathi40-24LAKSHMINARAYANAN Kamesh
SHARMA Anirudh46-18GHOSH Partha Sarathi
CHOUDHARY Ashok50-14GHOSH Partha Sarathi
2012-02-25: Kolkata Othello Championship(India)
GHOSH Partha Sarathi39-25DUTTA Abhijit
GHOSH Partha Sarathi05-59JANA Debajit
SHARMA Anirudh44-20GHOSH Partha Sarathi
GHOSH Partha Sarathi13-51PANIGRAHI Somnath
PAUL Tuhin36-28GHOSH Partha Sarathi
ROY Amar59-05GHOSH Partha Sarathi
GHOSH Partha Sarathi18-46PANIGRAHI Somnath
GHOSH Partha Sarathi05-59CHOUDHARY Ashok
2011-02-26: Kolkata Othello Championship(India)
SARKAR Abhijit51-13GHOSH Partha Sarathi
GHOSH Partha Sarathi42-22SENGUPTA Prithiraj
GHOSH Partha Sarathi41-23PAUL Sovan
GHOSH Partha Sarathi19-45MITRA Subhadip
ROY Mrinal10-54GHOSH Partha Sarathi
GHOSH Partha Sarathi00-64GOSWAMI Sujoy
GHOSH Partha Sarathi47-17BISWAS Dipankar