Kolkata Othello Championship 2021 (India)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

    ID,	  NAME,		Firstname,	COUNTRY,     score,    disc-count
  350016,	SHARMA,	        Anirudh,       	India,		8.5,	397
  350003,	ROY, 		Amar,		India,		7.5,	417
  350011,	PAUL,		Tuhin,		India,		5.5,	340
  350008,	JANA,		Debajit,	India,		4,	310
  350001,	PANIGRAHI,	Somnath,	India,		4,	260
  350007,	HALDER,		Gautam,		India,		4,	216
  350021,	AGARWAL,	Sumit,		India,		3.5,	197
  350006,	SHAW,		Sandip,		India,		3,	216
  350005,	Mitra,		Subhadip,	India,		3,	212
  350017,	GHOSH,		Partha Sarathi,	India,		3,	188
  +350038,	DAS,		Sanjit,		India,		3,	186
  +350039,	BITTAR,		Iswar,		India,		3,	147
  350018,	ROY,		Mrinal, 	India,		2.5,	179
  +350040,	MD,		Shabaz,		India,		2,	174
  350025,	DATTA,		Abhijit,	India,		2,	169
  +350041,	ROY,		Jesica,		India,		2,	147
  +350042,	SINGHA,		Indrajit,	India,		1,	115
  +350043,	DAS,		Chiranjit,	India,		0.5,	98


Here are all results.

2021-03-07: Kolkata Othello Championship 2021(India)
ROY Amar29-35SHARMA Anirudh
SHARMA Anirudh31-33ROY Amar
ROY Amar20-44SHARMA Anirudh
PAUL Tuhin56-08JANA Debajit
JANA Debajit22-42ROY Amar
ROY Amar45-19JANA Debajit
SHARMA Anirudh35-29PAUL Tuhin
PAUL Tuhin25-39SHARMA Anirudh
ROY Amar56-08HALDER Goutam
GHOSH Partha Sarathi34-30MITRA Subhadip
DUTTA Abhijit41-23MD Shabaz
JANA Debajit48-16ROY Mrinal
BITTAR Iswar34-30DAS Sanjit
SINGHA Indrajit64-00ROY Jesica
PAUL Tuhin51-13DAS Chiranjit
SHARMA Anirudh44-20SHAW Sandip
SINGHA Indrajit00-64ROY Amar
JANA Debajit16-48PAUL Tuhin
AGARWAL Sumit32-32SHARMA Anirudh
GHOSH Partha Sarathi46-18DUTTA Abhijit
PANIGRAHI Somnath58-06BITTAR Iswar
HALDER Goutam35-29ROY Mrinal
ROY Jesica36-28DAS Chiranjit
SHAW Sandip25-39DAS Sanjit
MD Shabaz28-36MITRA Subhadip
ROY Amar32-32PAUL Tuhin
AGARWAL Sumit28-36GHOSH Partha Sarathi
SHARMA Anirudh36-28PANIGRAHI Somnath
DUTTA Abhijit06-58HALDER Goutam
BITTAR Iswar51-13SINGHA Indrajit
MITRA Subhadip52-12ROY Jesica
JANA Debajit63-01DAS Sanjit
ROY Mrinal53-11MD Shabaz
DAS Chiranjit07-57SHAW Sandip
GHOSH Partha Sarathi28-36ROY Amar
PAUL Tuhin42-22SHARMA Anirudh
HALDER Goutam44-20MITRA Subhadip
BITTAR Iswar10-54JANA Debajit
SHAW Sandip19-45AGARWAL Sumit
PANIGRAHI Somnath45-19DUTTA Abhijit
SINGHA Indrajit15-49ROY Mrinal
DAS Sanjit45-19ROY Jesica
MD Shabaz46-18DAS Chiranjit
ROY Amar38-26JANA Debajit
PAUL Tuhin40-24GHOSH Partha Sarathi
HALDER Goutam27-37SHARMA Anirudh
MITRA Subhadip64-00AGARWAL Sumit
PANIGRAHI Somnath57-07DAS Sanjit
BITTAR Iswar35-29DUTTA Abhijit
ROY Jesica16-48SHAW Sandip
DAS Chiranjit32-32ROY Mrinal
SINGHA Indrajit15-49MD Shabaz
PAUL Tuhin17-47PANIGRAHI Somnath
SHARMA Anirudh42-22ROY Amar
GHOSH Partha Sarathi20-44HALDER Goutam
JANA Debajit54-10MITRA Subhadip
BITTAR Iswar11-53AGARWAL Sumit
MD Shabaz17-47SHAW Sandip
ROY Mrinal00-64ROY Jesica
SINGHA Indrajit08-56DUTTA Abhijit
DAS Chiranjit00-64DAS Sanjit